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GTR3 – First Pagani Zonda R Previews

Simbin has released first preview shots of the Pagani Zonda R model that will be part of their upcoming GTR3 title.

Simbin has released first preview shots of the Pagani Zonda R model that will be part of their upcoming GTR3 title.

The previews show the car model from various angles, including a closer look at the rims and several shots of the car’s interior.

Making its debut at the Geneva Auto Show in 2007, the Zonda R is powered by a six-litre V12 engine from Mercedes Benz. The car weighs little over 1000 kilos, 15 examples of the car have been built.

Unlike the P4/5 and the Corvette, the Zonda R isn’t a homologated race car that’s legal in any sports car racing series, the car is used solely at track day events. Still, the Zonda was used to tackle the Nürburgring Nordschleife lap time record driven by German race car driver Marc Basseng who put down a record-breaking 6:47 minute lap.

  • Phil Oakley

    Looks pretty damn detailed…

    • Laurent Cortier

      But then, doesn’t look much different from Race’07/GTR Evo models, does it ?

      Until we see a track and a car in situ, all those pictures won’t help us get an idea of what to expect…

      • Anonymous

        It’s the Race 07 model that is getting an update.

  • BraFX

    far away from pCARS quality

    • Anonymous

       And yet it looks miles better!?!?

      • Markus Ott

        worst troll attempt of february 2012 detected.
        here is your sign.

      • Anonymous

         sigh, I forgot sarcasm doesn’t exist in 88-Land…

  • Ross Siggers

    Nice, but like the Corvette previews, the lack of polys are pretty obvious in places. Look at the bottom edge of the side window for example.

    Very nice models, but not quite as high quality as say pCars. Then again, if the P4/5 shot we saw was indeed ingame, then these modelling discrepancies won’t matter as much.

  • Ricoo

    They should show cars in a garage with reflections like did WSGT.

    Like that it’s bland and not very exciting.

  • Anonymous

    GTR3 will be Epic !
    Had hours of racing out of GTR and GTR2.

  • Ernie

    Nice to see some progress. But what concerns me is that the mapped carbon texture in cockpit looks very distorted. I wonder if this is a mapping or a polygon issue.

  • mike mansor

    I’m sure Pagani makes several version of the Zonda R but ones I’ve seen (so far) are all equipped with paddle shifter.  It’s interesting to see Simbin has chosen sequential stick version instead.

  • Varazdat Markosyan

    if they just started drawing machine, the physics for them probably have not even the sword is not needed. Draw a lot easier than making a good physical model. So you probably, at best, the simulator will be released in the fall. I hope this will be a good simulator, but not another game drive.

  • Simon Jones

    It does look nice, but I’ll wait until they announce a license for a real race series before I start getting excited. Its the same with pCars, they’re just chucking random cars into the game at the moment that would never race together in real life I mean, why include the R18, then show no interest in completing an LMP field? 

    So far we have a Ferrari P4/5 (nurburgring GT), Corvette C6R (ALMS, LMS GT2) & a Zonda R (no racing series at all).

    I know rFactor 2 has done the same, but at least they have openly spoken about rFactor 2s modability, so we know we can expect to see full racing series’ being added.

    I guess for now, we can only wait and see………..

    • Anonymous

       Hang on son, Ill give Bernie a ring to see if he could give us the green light at adding his popular sitcom to our cool game…?

      Why so desperate to a have a series? It’s just silly, the only good from it would be the ability to have more cars, other then that I don’t see why people should jizz all over FIA GT 2011.
      Forget the series, give us the motors!!

      • Simon Jones

        Surely having a real and full grid would be better than racing a few random cars together. I’m not trying to sound like a gimme-gimme but I much prefer real racing than a fake series. Thats what made GTR2 so good out of the box, it had a fully licensed 2004-2005 FIA GT series. I also understand that getting a license for such a series is harder these days thanks to the likes of EA and Polyphony but If you cant go for the big boys like FIA GTs then have a look at the underdogs. British GT, FSAA, Blancpain Endurance, Belgian GT?

        I like racing with real cars, in a real series. Surely I can’t be the only one who thinks this.

      • Anonymous

        Your not, i agree totally. Still i’m looking forward to GTR3 because of the sounds that were revealed a few months back. I’m sure there will be some form of series in the sim, they have always had some form of real life series.

  • Peter Lai

    Wow my favorite car 😀 YAHOO can’t wait for GTR3

  • Jorge Araujo

    The typical squashed looking car from Simbin. They really got the worst graphics department. All their cars are detailed, but they all look wrong. Go figure.

  • Walter Conn

    Looks like a good work in progress. GTR3 is a huge undertaking because it will be compared to GTR2. I feel lucky to be getting this inside access to the making of this game. And I still feel optimistic that GTR3 will carry the torch.

    • Jorge Araujo

      If GTR3 is half as good as GTR2 we are all good. 🙂 But I bet it’s going to be a lot better. It has to.

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    Now just imagine the sound properly done…

    Good god…