GTR2 Cubemaps by BariCZ 2.1 – Released

BariCZ has released a new version of his alternative cubemaps for GTR2, giving the cars a much improved look.

Version 2.10 comes with highlighted sky reflections and color balanced textures for an even better look as you can check out below.

Download GTR2 Cubemaps by BariCZ 2.1 Here

  • -eRNIe-

    Thx BariCZ. 😎 I’ll try it.

  • f0xx

    Thx BariCZ, always great works coming from you 😉


  • BariCZ

    Thanks 😉

  • BullDog13

    Super fashion, but no Premision for the Audi R8 GT3 LMS from me. :haha: Please remove the Audi LMS in the Mod. :happyevil:
    mfg. BullDog13 ( TRC )

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