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GTR Evolution Nordschleife – Reality Check

GTR Evolution Nordschleife – Reality Check

Even though the Nürburgring Nordschleife in Simbin’s recently released GTR Evolution simulation is widely considered to be the best virtual recreation of the green hell the sim racing community, some ring-experts are still nitpicking about missing graffitis, not dark enough asphalt and other details.

To further fuel that discussion, Markus Möller has compiled a very interesting comparison video, combining an GTR Evolution on-board lap with footage of Hans Stuck taking the legendary BMW M3 GTR around the Nürbugring. Below is the Youtube version of the video, to check out all details of this interesting comparison you can find a high-resolution download link below the video.

[youtube OXlr52Cp_Uo nolink]

Download GTR Evolution Nordschleife Comparison Video Here

  • ermax18

    AMAZING!!! Great job SimBin!

  • Kill4f00d

    Very Close. Asphalt coloring, graffiti, billboards, and guardrails differed only slightly. The track surface itself looked as if it were exactly the same as the real Nordschleife. Good effort SimBin.

  • Joe Mama

    There’s always a critic. Can’t please everyone. Still a well done track!

  • Anonymous

    wasnt the track resurfaced this year? that would explain some of the missing graffiti etc

  • sutyi


    Yes it was.

  • Darman

    If it’s been resurfaced I feel sorry for the graffiti 🙁
    still.. maybe we’ll get a graffiti update from simbin later…

  • Markus Möller

    @montoya: are u sure about the name of the guy who made the comparison ?

  • mcgyvr81

    Yes, he sure is!

    That “guy” is me…

    Why do You ask?

    M. Möller aka mcgyvr81

  • 6e66o

    Great Comparison!
    Well done Simbin ❗

    only criticism (besides lack of atmosphere) is the missing bumps and some wrong placed curbs (hatzenbach towards hocheichen f.e.)

    still its very close to the real one 🙂

  • GTEvo

    Some Wrong placed Curbs !?? 😕
    Each Curbs in Hatzenbach are totally real right setted.
    The only Thing whats missing, especially in Hatzenbach, are the typical TreeLine on the right hand..this is the most typical Indicator in Hatzenbach to get a Realistic Illusion..

    Only the Texturing and 2D Modelling is Out of Time for 2008.
    But we all know that, the unmodern Isi-gMotor2 Engine is totally OUT..this Engine is a Relict.
    Sad..but the 99,9% realistic 3D Modelling of this NordschleifeLayout “overrulezes” this unmodern GrafikEngine.
    I waited since 2001 for “THIS” Nordschleife..i can say for myself that my Simracingway find his “GardenEden” 🙄 :mrgreen: !
    ➡ Now im waiting for PS3 GT5 Game….im pretty sure..Simracing at PCs gonna be dead..Nobody cant stop the KonsoleMarket..there is the Future..and im gonna be a Part of it !
    In that Meanwhile im “lucky” with Simbins HighClass ❗ Simulations !
    “GTEvo get GT(R)Evolution”..all what i am and looked for is written in my Nickname ❗

    Thank you McGyver for this great sure so many first overmotivated Simbin-“Hater” are still quit now !
    “For sure not” 😆 They “Whining” forward..because the cant others…… ❗

    In this Sence

  • GTEvo

    Only the Lefthand Curbs at Brünnchen are curiosly..never noticed those Kind of Curbs there..

  • drowsy

    I can’t understand how someone could possibly moan about asphalt being the wrong tone or anything ridiculous like that. As long as the track layout itself is realistic, who cares about graffiti and such? Obviously if the track was pink with pictures of pokemons all over it, then I’d have a problem, but it looks perfect to me.

  • GTEvo

    Pokemons !!! i break together !!
    Amazing drowsy :mrgreen:

    you get the see it from a View of a real Simracer..the most stupid Comments came not from Simracers..they came from “Modder”.
    Modders and Simracers are totally diffrent Personality..a Modder buy Games to rape it(I know someone 😆 !)..a Simracer buy it to have Fun and race it !
    “Modders want Pokemons”..Simracers wants racing on the most reallistic most realistics Cars with realistic Sounds !

  • Anonymous

    Stop talking shyte, and go back to your bedroom and keep studying, play time hasn’t started, until you’ve finished your School home work, then maybe i will let you play on your PS3 console.
    Ive warned you about joining simracing sites, and making your lil arse look stupid.

  • 6e66o

    “Each Curbs in Hatzenbach are totally real right setted.”

    Im talking about the curb exiting hatzenbach to hocheichen on the right side. (0:49 in the vid)

    There´s a new curb at Brünnchen,
    guess it wasn´t completely done, when simbin visited the track..

    Not complaining though,
    it´s the most realistic Nordschleife available 🙂

  • GTEvo

    ROFL.. An Anonymus want to “say” something ! 😀

  • GTEvo

    oki Georg..but you know what i mean….just the not realistic 2D Grafik missed..the 3D Modelling is usual for Simbin Titels..


  • ermax18

    There is always going to be a place for simracing on the PC. Are you on crack? GT5 is far from a Sim.

  • Anonymous

    Its not far from being a sim, but not that close either.

  • Temp

    Damn GTEvo, go to simBim forum and spam there you fanboy

  • Anonymous

    Omg i warned GTEvo about posting on simracing sites.
    he should be posting on sites like this
    if he continues to post here, i will take away his lil ps3 console, and send him to bed without dinner.

  • DRat

    Outside of a very few misplaced items and a lot of billboards in Evo that were probably there for real at some point, it looks pretty good. It would have been a fairly simple exercise to include some crowds along with their RV’s and tents here and there, too, if this is a race weekend instead of a mid-week track day.
    SimBin did a very good job on this, overall. OTOH, all developers would benefit by looking at the VLN tracks that have come out this year and work towards a little more photo-realism even though the graphics engine (and most PC’s) cannot do much better than that.

  • Anonymous

    oh GTEvo, your slagging down the ISI gMotor2 Engine, let’s just take a step back, if it wasn’t for the so called old ISI gMotor2 Engine, there would NEVER be a simbin, or a GTR game, yes it is old now, yes lizard will be better than the gMotor2 engine, lets see what you’ve got to say, when ISI release’s the engine that will be powering rfactor2.
    now get to studying your English, because it is not good 🙄

  • stabiz

    Nice of you to slum here with the rest of us before you go back to the only true sim.

  • ermax18

    BTW, The video of Hans Stuck is from 2004. So obviously billboards, track surface and graffiti will changed in 4 years. When looking at this video I primarily looked at the layout which was incredibly close. Hans Stuck got slowed up in traffic so the video got out of sync. It would be cool if the video was resynced after the traffic to make comparison easier.

  • –ooooo–

    netkar pro the only true sim? hahahahhaa

    netkar pro the sim that doesnt work! No AI. Crappy Online. With a Dev that takes your money and runs off and only comes crawling back when he needs more :mrgreen:

  • JJ

    Some trees are not prune to the same dimension… 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    Lovely simbin…lovely :mrgreen:

  • Dave Ellis

    The problem with the Simbin Ring is the poor textures (giving it a neon glow feeling) and the lack of atmosphere. The previous Ring versions all feel like a the Ring, whilst the GTR Evo one feels empty and bland.

    Thats not to be overly critical, because clearly the model is brilliant. I just wish teams (Commercial and modding) would spend time on atmosphere too.

  • outrunner


    an illegal conversion made by a nK crew member?



  • Anonymous

    and only for the “nk crew members” as always …

  • Pugamall

    Thats pretty impressive in my opinion,cant wait until the UK gets it 🙄 🙄

  • Thade

    Mcgyvr81, what’s the song you used in the video?

  • Compo

    Jaap, your constant crap about nkpro being “the only true racing sim” on numerous websites is now getting tiring.
    Are you a bloody salesman or something ? NKPro was a HUGE let down. The author disappeared, left its users behind and only re-appeared when the money ran out. Pathetic.

    Shut up about NKPro. Nobody wants to listen to you and your words will NOT change peoples minds.

  • Arnold Carter Wong


    What’s wrong with the modders? All of us want to improve the game by adding some new contents. And what stupid comments by modders? Is it because we are making new cars and new tracks to the game? Or about we want to game to remain in open source code and can be modded? I also cannot find how to “rape” a game, All of us are having fun with it, by modding it and racing with it. I only know leaving a game in open source code can always improve the sales of the game.

    And what means by “real sim racer”? You are just racing in front of your screen, so what’s real? Or are there “fake sim racers”? :mrgreen: Sim racer is sim racer, no real or fake, everyone who play with those simulation games are sim racers 😛

  • Arnold Carter Wong


    *we want the game to remain in open…

  • mcgyvr81


    Quite simple, it’s GTR Evo’s menu theme… I simply looped its main section twice, (the original w/ intro is playing 3:22 mins only) so it matches the length of the Video.