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GTR Evolution – Motors TV Review Video

GTR Evolution – Motors TV Review Video

Motors TV has reviewed Simbin’s upcoming GTR Evolution title as part of their “3D Motors” programming.

If you missed the show or have no chance to see MotorsTV, don’t be sad – The full review has been posted on Motors TV’s official Youtube channel and can be found below.

[youtube 9cObmmGhD0o nolink]

  • gtrNL

    watching this, you almost get the feeling that every game since GTR(1) is a bit arcadish… (which they are not IMHO)

    Again the sounds apear to be good, just listen to that CCGT at the beginning. 😯

    Now we only have to wait till the 14th/15th/22nd/29nd of August before we can play…

  • Anonymous

    You get that feeling because the idiot commentating is of that opinion.

  • Slowest

    The same in french:

    La même en français:

  • kankar

    ok.. if that is a pc sim then live for speed s2 alpha Z is a one billion dollars ultra realistic alien car simulator developed in secrecy by the biggest brains of the universe.. amen
    yes there are lots of graphical details.. but the core of a sim is the physic.. seems like a good arcade game tough but don’t call it a sim.. it’s very insulting.

    *waiting for the gtr fanboy bashing*

  • gtrNL

    Well I play ‘live for speed s2 alpha Z’ and find it one of the best (realistic) driving games around. But I’m sorry you can’t call GTR Evo a arcade game. Racedriver GRID is a arcade game.

    We can have a discussion all day long, but unless we ever drive a Formula BMW in real live in Race 07(= GTR Evo) and in LFS, we will never know which is the most realistic…

  • Grimes

    I think GTR Evo wil not be arcade,
    And i think that lfs is more arcade than this one.
    Lfs is to easy you have to do a lot to crash a car!! 😐

  • stabiz

    😆 @ baiting from kankar.

  • ermax18

    kankar, so I guess you consider, GTR, GTR2, RACE06, RACE07 and rFactor arcade games too? They all run on the same engine. Evo adds some arcade like content and some arcade like aids but they can be turned off. You may as well call every current real life sports car arcade because they all have driving aids too. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    To clarify the above point, Evo doesn’t ADD arcade like aids since GTR2 and other games have the same aids as well.

  • Anonymous

    If you’re calling GTR Evo arcade because of added fictional content (WTCC Extreme) then LFS is a horrible example of a sim.

  • gjoel

    …so if EVO doesn’t “add arcade like aids”, what do you call a mini-map and visual race-line then? 🙂

  • Ohoho

    nascar2003 have visual race line too, aaand? This is arcade? :mrgreen:

  • slipcurve

    I’m a big fan of gtr 2, play it alot. But is that claim true? That GTR1, GTL were the last real sims and it has been toned down? I absolutely refuse to believe gtr 2 was made for wide audience! Was it? I’m asking seriously. It’d be so embarrassing.. I spent months practicing this game before started to get really good at it (still learning) and it kept interest because it was difficult to master and it felt real. Am I deluded? Seriously where does this claim come from? I mean I could be wrong ofcourse.

  • Anonymous

    Looks nice game. SIMBIN make best use of ISI engine far superior to crappy rfactor for sure 🙂

  • fornetti

    I do not believe this

  • smegal

    i agree rFactor sucks ass gtr is a much better the game