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GTR Evolution – Hands On Screenshots

GTR Evolution – Hands On Screenshots

Simbin’s GTR Evolution has been released in Germany yesterday, giving German racers a head start on the new simulation/addon-pack.

Those of you still waiting for the release in your country or on Steam will probably appreciate some screenshots to shorten the waiting time, so here they are! Nothing fancy, just a few quick snaps of the GT and WTCC Extreme cars racing on the Nordschleife.

Enjoy the shots, I will be having a full review on the game in a few days time.

  • Tifose

    WOW!! can’t wait to play this

  • noone

    BTW, does it run like GTR2 or it takes a heavier toll on the system?

  • John

    2 quick questions

    1. how realistic is the ring (hard to tell from screenshots)compared to rfactor 2.2a to me track looks wider then the rfactor version

    2. the physics are they similar to GTR2

  • Wesslan

    It runs like Race07 = it takes quite a heavier lot on the system. πŸ™‚

  • Wesslan


    1) From what I’ve heard, it should be really realistic (crossing my fingers)!

    2) Some people say that it’s more realistic than GTR2 (ie less grip).

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to burst your elitist bubble Wesslan but this can’t be stated enough: GTR2 DOESN’T HAVE ENOUGH GRIP, MORE WOULD MAKE IT MORE REALISTIC. This has been stated in every single interview with a real GT driver. In reality you don’t feel like you’re driving on ice with a car that generates absurd amounts of downforce.

  • scca1981

    Just tried out the game… Its really good and may replace GTR2 for me. The screens don’t do it justice. Everything just feels and looks better. Graphically it is far superior to GTR2. Well worth it.

  • Anonymous

    Well, some still think the more difficult the car is to handle the more realistic the sim is. They don’t know that a race car is easier to handle than the VW Polo in their garage…

  • The Lonely

    I heard the some track staff left Blimey and rejoined Simbin, that would prehaps explain the increase in quality in the tracks quality.

  • Pugamall

    Cant wait myself,been cleaning and updating my race 07 files,as barely used it before,although I love the way it looks ect,It has’nt got the variety of GTR2,but this will help
    When is it out for the rest of us ?

  • Roberts

    I allready donwloaded it from torrents.
    Physics ar very big improvement from previous game.
    But grapichs are nothing special…

  • gtrNL

    @ Roberts

    If you like it, buy it and support SimBin.

    The screens look good, I should get Evo in a few days…

  • 6e66o

    Well, the blimey NΓΌrburgring GP Track is way better then the Evo Version imo.

    thx Simbin for giving us the Nordschleife ❗

  • nice

    I think the really looks better then the mod stuff I have seen, I hope the psysics will be an improvement over GTR2…

    btw, does this game have rain or not?

  • stabiz

    Yes, it has rain.

  • gtrNL

    Yes it has rain…

  • Pugamall

    So Night racing or not ?

  • phil23

    Well if scca1981 feels it may replace GTR2 for him, then I’d consider that a major thumbs up πŸ™‚

    Now I can’t wait for my copy to arrive next week!!! :mrgreen:

  • Montoya

    To answer some questions quickly:

    1) No night racing, Gamestar was full of sh** once again πŸ™„

    2) The Nordschleife is much better than any modding-version of the track. IΒ΄m not so much talking about eye candy but driveability…it drives like a charm, the layout is spot on.

    3) Graphics, FFB and sounds all feel a tad better than in GTR2 so there’s a slight overall improvement.

    More in the full review….. πŸ˜‰

  • Cliff

    Phffft, this game is absolutely laughable when it is compared with iRacing.
    People need to realise that iRacing is superior to all other race games as it is actually a true sim and not a dressed up arcade game like GTR Evolution et al.

    Lets face it though, its just as well arcade games like GTR Evolution are released as a lot of you poor people cannot afford to play real sims like iRacing, so games like GTR Evolution and rFactor keep the riff raff away from the iRacing community.
    (Thats the way we like it, by the way!)

  • Bram

    As long as extremists like you are speaking for the iRacing community I’m sure most people will stay away from the iRacing community Cliff.

  • amerlot

    Thanks for the shots – and BTW: very nice website!

  • Stu

    I must admit that looks very good.

    For me it will be good to start from strach with GTR Evo rather than plowing through everything that’s been released on GTR2.

    I hope the community release the best GTR2 mods and tracks on this new game.

  • steve

    lets hope for a texture and ambient update for the ns and a rfactor conversion .

  • lux

    Yep, iracing is very close to reality…just press “esc” to jump in box and exit with new car…same as realty asd asd
    and more:
    tyre wear…no exist
    weather changable…no exist
    engine durability…no exist
    fuel consumption…no exist
    and it would be GTR the arcade game?? :))))

  • Cliff


  • Cliff

    Anyway I must get of my dads Pc as he will be home from work soon,and I got homework to do

  • GeraArg

    Cliff, iracing need to freaks believed to drive a race car with a plastic steering wheel and sitting behind a monitor. πŸ˜‰

    “iRacing is a trainer tool” hahahah, is simply a GAME, like any other; we all fun with GAMES, but nobody is going to be a race driver for playing with your PC. πŸ˜‰

  • Wally Van Der Brolly

    “Anyway I must get of my dads Pc as he will be home from work soon”

    Learn how to spell off then? 😎

  • Roadblock

    How about some more DBR9, DBRS9 and S7R shots?

  • http://mlkj Thomas

    Euhm is it only available in Germany at the time?
    What about belgium?
    Or the netherlands, in the mediamarkt maybe? Can anyone give ma an answer, so i know if i have to drive to the netherlands today to get my copy!

  • tigeraid

    wow, this Cliff guy’s a douchebag…

    One using his dad’s computer too, apparently. πŸ™„

  • scca1981

    well ok it won’t replace my GTR2, but it will be a game that gets played often.

  • Wally Van Der Brolly

    I wanna know if this GTR Evo upgrade “wipes out ” the Virtua LM Mid Ohio track like the last STEAM patch did. πŸ™„

    If it,I hope VLM or omebody fix it soon.

  • Wally Van Der Brolly

    ” If it,I hope VLM or omebody fix it soon.”

    Me kyboads fckd! :mrgreen:

  • Arnold Carter Wong

    I would say it’s not good for modding, as too much things need to be modified, as well as menu.

  • trebor901

    this looks really good πŸ™‚ cant wait til next Friday

  • Wix

    I just had a go at GTR Evo. Its no GTR3 dream for me, but it looks fun. The nordschleife track seems real solid and the athmospear is great. there is indeed more detail on the mother then in the modded versions, tough if the rfactor dev would not have been stopped, Raceking could match the quality. the sounds where pretty good in my opinion. on the downside, the models ( specially the GT cars ) where not up to my expectations. clean but basic , and a tad dated looking. not realy the detail they could have had anno 2008 because i guess most people have better cards then 3 years ago. VGA cards are death cheap now. on the physics side it all feels great , only a tad to easy. i guess its not easy for a publisher to decide how to compromise between fun and realisme. the sounds where a really pleasant surprise. great vibe. Overall i do find it a nice experience and can recomend it to all Simbin fans. its nice to see Simbin continue their quest and deliver some nice Racefun to us. For the hardcore simmers and detail freaks out there the WSGT mod might be a welcome competitor. so fun for everyone this summer.

    PS: Cliff” i do like the system behind iRacing, but lets face it. A 2003 gfx engine that for some reason has more lag problems then the old version for that kinda money is not the walhalla of simracing. great simracing is made up by a great community. iRacing pretends to be a mature platform. so they should get wrid of the not so mature fans as yourself. you sound as if you are 12 years old. for your sake i hope you are.

  • stabiz


  • :mad:

    this GAME is a true BULLSHIT , the cars are stuck on track like glue 😈

    does not deserve to lose more time, saying more things.

  • steve

    @ mad and because of that its bullshit ? you talk bullshit . oh no sry you have an gt car in the garage right . ok i stop talking .

    i like the game alot . feels really good , better then gtr2 and the cars look great , mostly the marcos . they took the isi engine to the maximum . but compare the street cars of gtr evo and the new corvette 3.0 , the vette physics win .

  • :mad:

    you are the typical blind fanboy of simbin πŸ™„

  • Jack Spratt

    “this GAME is a true BULLSHIT , the cars are stuck on track like glue”

    This only happens to people who are simpletons, arseholes and have downloaded an illegal copy of the sim!

  • steve

    @ mad no but i wanted to say that you cant know 100% how realistic that is . and look for a better speech . the game isnt bad . and i play almost only rfactor with community mods .

  • F1Racer

    I love it when someone disagrees with someone else who is dissing the game they are blind fanboys πŸ™‚ Like there’s no middle ground at all.

    Its also amazing how many don’t realise how much grip a GT car actually has. Having more grip than GTR2 has probably made it more realistic. GT cars are not for drifting and sliding. Why do you think they have such big wide tyres ?

  • :mad:

    I can put down the gas pedal in second gear coming out of a curve and the car doesn’t move , is this real?… oh … go hell πŸ‘Ώ

    Jack Spratt STFU if you don’t know anything , dumbass.

  • steve

    no i see me in the middle . im not a pro and i never drive a racecar but have a bit physical understanding . i just dont want hear about “bullshit” etc. its a step forward for gtr . nobody have to buy it .

  • John Dixon

    This sim is not bad at all. For me its comporable to GTR 2, but the sounds are better. Graphically its the same as Race07, but that not such a bad thing. I think as a standalone product its great, but maybe if you already own GTR2 and Race07, then you probably wont be blown away. There isnt any reason to be negative about it though.

    We run at league at and will be giving GTR-Evo full support. Please feel free to register and sign up for races.

  • :mad:

    spammer πŸ‘Ώ

  • F1Racer

    😑 Is it just your aim to insult everyone ? That’s all you’ve done in this thread so far.

    I think I speak for the others here when I say GFY.

  • stabiz

    Yes you do, even though I dont know what it means. πŸ™‚

    :mad, you are clearly mad at the world, not Simbin.

  • Jack Spratt


    Please kill yourself. You are a wasting peoples fresh air by existing.

  • F1Racer

    stabiz: G=Go Y=yourself can’t remember about the ‘F’ πŸ˜€

  • me

    boggedy boggedy boggedy!

    let’s go bashing boys :mrgreen:

  • stabiz

    Ah, I see, F1Racer. πŸ™‚ I`m getting to old to keep up with internetspeakz.

  • [GC]Alex

    Game is ok, but as race 07 already sits on the shelf, this is already there., Graphics are quite good, realistic looking, the physics are enjoyable, fun, more like. Yet i`m still playing gtr2.

    (All you flamers should do as f1racer says.)

    Games are as you please, you like or you dont , no need to have fits of race when anyone says, IRacing, or netkar or anything isnt as good as the games the play, everyone is entitled to an opinion. accept other peoples.

  • F1Racer

    Well I did just make it up πŸ™‚

  • jam

    hehe f1racer

  • F1Racer

    If I had to be perfectly honest I would agree that there is perhaps a little too much rear grip. This might account for how much harder you have to push to get the rear end out and the incessant understeer.
    Although the understeer could be cold tyres and I’m not giving the car enough time to warm up πŸ™‚
    The Lister is nice to throw around the Nordschliefe.
    The Koenigsssseeggg is pretty well stuck to the ground even powering out of a corner as is the Audi R8.

    I don’t find that it takes too much away from the enjoyment though.
    GTR-E is missing some features that I’d like to have seen included. Little things like headlight beams and the dashboard lighting up when you put the lights on, wipers working in replays would be nice too.
    Driving in the rain is a great feeling. Rain + Radicals is really cool.
    Not touched RCade extreme mode yet, don’t think I ever will. I almost daren’t πŸ™‚

    One gripe is turn 1 at Monza. Fly over the inside curb (keeping 2 wheels on the tarmac) and more often than not you’ll get a “warning for cutting the track”.
    Yet to me this is the natural race-line in an F1 car.

    For non-owners of RACE07 its worth the buy. I dont see it as a GTR2 replacement too though.
    GTR isnt GTR without Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini.

    No more CTRL-F for framerates ?

  • F1Racer

    Im guessing theres a world of difference between the way I explained my thoughts of the grip of the cars and :mad:’s version of “this GAME is a true BULLSHIT , the cars are stuck on track like glue :twisted:” πŸ˜€

    It’s not what you say 😑 its how you say it (and how you get responded to).

  • Rui

    Can anyone tell me why it’s not possible to lock the tyres while braking? lol…

  • :mad:

    F1Racer , you are a arrogant idiot , no one has said this to you?

    im sure the response is YES :mrgreen: πŸ˜€

    as you said ”GFY” and your mom πŸ˜†

  • F1Racer

    My mother is dead m8.

    As for ‘arrogant idiot’, no, you’re the first one.

    But look at my behaviour in here compared to yours and tell me what that makes you.
    I would say a complete dickhead with the IQ of a single-cell protozoa.

    A bit of advice too..
    Try to edit your responses of unnecessary material before attempting to impress us with your insight. The evidence that you are a a complete arsehole will still be available to readers, but they will be able to access it ever so much more rapidly.

  • Jack Spratt

    “Can anyone tell me why it’s not possible to lock the tyres while braking? lol…”

    ..because you are 😑 posting under another name. Previous comments about you still apply!

  • Rui

    It’s my first post and it’s a fact.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the game IS FUN AND SOUNDS GREAT but I wouldn’t call it realistic. There is too much grip, you can’t lock your tires, it’s almost impossible to spin with some cars even though their horsepower and binary (try to spin 87 cars, bmw m3 has rear traction and it’s impossible to spin).
    Some will say that I’ve never driven such powerful cars and that is true, but I watch lots of races on TV and real cars don’t seem to behave like in GTR EVO.

  • amerlot

    Does anybody know if there will be a demo of GTR-E ?

  • Anonymous

    considering its release is 3 days from now, no

  • F1Racer

    probably not but either way the relase date is irrelevant.