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GTR Evolution – Boxed Release Dates

GTR Evolution – Boxed Release Dates

Even though GTR Evolution is scheduled to be released via Steam next Monday, there still is some confusion over the worldwide release of the boxed version. I have received several hints and info from plenty of readers (thanks for that!) and I´ll try to sum up the situation:

The game seems to be widely available in the US now as several community members managed to pick it up from local retailers. ships the game within 3-4 days.

In the UK, the release has been postponed just hours before the planned release, the new release date is the 5th of September according to and other various sources. Atari France has confirmed the French release date to be the 19th of September – Making Steam a very attractive alternative for French sim racers.

  • Slowest

    I wish they will chose another distributor, next time…

    I live in Belgium, and doesn’t even know about the game…


    And i can’t buy it on steam as i don’t have any credit card or paypal account…

  • Bram

    Then just get a Paypal account, its free to subscribe and its a safe way of paying online without having to use a creditcard.

  • Raikku

    In Finland its now 4.9, so hopefully i get it on Thursday from my local gameshop. It seem that i have to buy full version ’cause addon-version is delayed.

  • Slowest


    Unfortunately, in Belgium, you have to own a credit card to use a paypal account. You can’t transfer money from your bank account to your paypal account. Don’t ask me why, i have no idea…

  • Anonymous

    🙄 😉