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GTR 3 – Corvette C6.R GT2 Development Previews

First development previews of GTR3’s Corvette C6.R GT2.

A few days ago, Simbin announced to have licensed Corvette’s C6.R GT2 for their upcoming GTR3 title.

Back then, only a sound preview of the car’s V8 engine was available but now we get to take a first look at the virtual version as Simbin has released several work-in-progress shots of the modeling process.

The car has been modeled without the use of CAD data but Simbin has managed to build a detailed model of the car nonetheless, also included a first previews of the car’s interior.


  • Anonymous


  • Eddie Jansson

    Mmm I’ve always liked these type of renders ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    If they only paint the model. That game can be expected no earlier than autumn 2012.

  • Refik Baykal

    Yay! for modo! It’s always great to see my favorite software being used by my favorite studios.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    Superb car…. how about some teaser video for a change?

  • Ross Siggers

    Externals are coming along nicely, but am I the only one who cringed a little bit when I saw the hexagonal cooling ducts under the front of the car?

  • Jann Dircks

    Love it!

  • Thiago Canola

    Please. Be careful about the highlights.
    The highlight from in the gap of bumper x fender is braking. It doesn’t happen in the real vehicle.
    GM Designer

  • Thiago Canola


  • gt3rsr

    Nice. But if this is everything they’ve got so far, then the game won’t be released before 2015.

  • Philip Antonia

    Me wants :).

  • Ricoo

    Showing unfinished stuff won’t make any good to the sim… :/

    • Ross Siggers

      So you’d rather people bitch about a lack of content and communication with the¬†community? No thanks. I think updates like this are great.

      • Fabian Gundermann

        Exactly – plus – who cares what kind of unfinished pictures they showed once the sim is out and the car looks good? As if anybody wouldnt buy it for that kind of reason…geez

      • Ricoo

        You can find that strange but some people can make their mind seeing this kind of unfinished stuff. And making them change their mind later can be very difficult.

      • Ricoo

        Yes having them bitching about lack of report is better that deceiving them with unfinished WIP.

        That kind of stuff did a lot of harm to rFactor 2 for instance. Now some people are convinced its graphics are poor whether it’s not true.

      • Ross Siggers

        Well I dunno about you, but rFactor 2 graphics were exactly as I expected them, and I looked at all the released material.

    • Anonymous

      i’m all for content but I agree, I think marketing wise is better for simbin to not show this degree of unfinished stuff. WIP shots sometimes causes misconceptions about the future content. The previous Ferrari shots were more adequate. but that’s just me.

      Altought I appreciate the devs for sharing with us the progress.

  • Anonymous

    Great to see another race sim in the making.

  • Richard Hessels

    Pitty the order of the pictures got mixed up.

    It makes more sense seeing the stages of building.
    Looking so forward to see more of this.

    • Anonymous

      Blame Simbin that all of their images come with different dimensions ūüėČ

      In all seriousness, the gallery doesn’t like image with different aspect ratios mixed, they have to be sorted by size for the gallery to look okay.

  • Marcel Offermans

    Even though this gives us no clue whatsoever how far they are along with the project, it does give a nice insight into their modeling process. The fact that they use “modo” as their 3D modeler means we can safely say they’re not using the ISI gMotor engine anymore (as that only comes with plugins that support 3ds Max). Plus, arguably, modo is a way nicer modeler.

    • badracer

      Developers are able to create their own export tools for all the programs they are using. Seeing modo as a modeler means nothing.

      ISI send 3ds Max-exporter, cause they use 3ds Max. That¬īs all.

  • Jan Duin

    All pics are from this page:

    IMO it’s great that simbin takes time to show the car¬†development process.

  • Phil Johnston

    I wish you guys would post the link to the related news articles.

  • Anonymous

    You guys will have to excuse my ignorance but how do the guys come up with the physics? They have no CAD data so do they guess the suspension geometry etc?

    • Firefox

      It says the car has been modeled without CAD data, not that physics will be without CAD data.

    • Fabian Gundermann

      You honestly believe that any modder or studio has detailed cad data for any car that has ever been made? They might be lucky to get a file with the shape of the car and not even that would make the car look much better in the game because i doubt your computer could show much more than a simple bolt moving around the track with more than 30fps if they would use a detailed cad model of it…

      • Ross Siggers

        I’m amused at how completely Fabian misunderstood that post…

      • Fabian Gundermann

        What I mean is that a car manufacturer wouldnt spend billions of dollars to develope a car and then give the data to somebody just so – they might have a license to make the car look like a corvette and name it corvette…it might be true that it would be usefull to have that data to make the car behave¬†as accurate as possible – but lets imagine they never said they had no cad data – who in the world would notice that, as long as the physics seem to be real? Nobody could say “I¬†put these dampers, with this kind of¬†oil in them,¬†with those springs and I am rolling on those tires, my tank is filled to the¬†top, the track is 24¬įC and dirty, I am 80kg that and that comes on top of the car weight” and all this kind of stuff that comes together when we talk about as real as possibel – “and the physics feel totally unreal”. Show me that person and if you find somebody¬†I am pretty much sure¬†he is a racedriver, driving a Corvette C6.R nearly every day¬†– which doesnt match 99,99% of the people that will ever install GTR3 on their computer…

        Don¬īt get me wrong, thats no offense and I am not saying I would be¬†happy with¬†any kind of physics¬†they might give us –¬†but as long as they seem real to ME I will be pretty much satisfied.

      • Damon Clewlow

        A bit off-topic this.. but Fabian, with the greatest of respect – what makes you think other companies aren’t stripping down the cars of their competitors? Of course they are. Once you place a product in an open market, it’s there to be scrutinised in every way by anybody willing to find out how it works. This is why cars, and pretty much EVERYTHING around you gets better and better as we, and our technology progresses. In most cases, we are simply bettering, or adding to things that have come before.

        Having a licence (usually at a large financial cost) allows a developer or manufacturer to reproduce something in it’s entirety – simples.¬†

        Now how Simbin are doing things.. well, that’s not for me to debate ūüôā

      • Fabian Gundermann

        Of course other companies do so, I was never doubting that – but that doesnt mean because they know how things work they are allowed to reproduce it…and having a license for a computer game doesnt mean you could reproduce the car in its entirety either –¬†companies that have a license to print lets say¬†“ferrari” on t-shirts¬†wont start all of the sudden to sell ferraris¬†– when you buy software you¬†get a license to use it,¬†not to¬†cant copy it and sell it – having a license¬†and owning something aint the same…but as you said, thats off-topic now…
        Lets hope the best for the game – with or without cad data ūüôā

      • Ross Siggers

        haha Damon you wanna be an automotive designer? You talk like one ūüėõ

      • badracer

        Of course, manufacturers give CAD data to developers, which have licensed a car, if possible. It is a normal procedure.

        If you haven¬īt any CAD data, you take photos for scratch making or scan parts.

    • Fabian Gundermann

      You honestly believe that any modder or studio has detailed cad data for any car that has ever been made? They might be lucky to get a file with the shape of the car and not even that would make the car look much better in the game because i doubt your computer could show much more than a simple bolt moving around the track with more than 30fps if they would use a detailed cad model of it…

    • Carlos Mastretta

      I believe that a lot of it is intuitive Luke. Developers have many other games that they can take as a reference to begin with. Simbin in particular has worked with a decent budget for development since GTR1 so they probably did quite a bit of research to link the actual car with the sim, but what you want in the end is a certain behavior that you feel simulates the grip, reactions and balance of a car with good accuracy so you can tune the physics around that.

  • Damon Clewlow

    No doubt that this is going to be a pretty game then.  

    Could well be Simbin’s greatest game to date given they’ve finally ditched the ISI stuff and stepped up, but it may also become clear how much Ian Bell and Co. leaving Simbin really hurt them now they’re not relying on their RACE franchise. ¬†¬†