GTPC – New Video + Previews

The Virtua_LM Junior Team has released a new preview video of their upcoming GTPC mod for rFactor.

The new video shows the BMW M1 Procar at Sebring, furthermore the team has released plenty of new preview shots which you can find below as well.

GTPC was formerly known as Prototype C and will bring a massive amount of cars from one of endurance racing’s finest decades to rFactor, centering around the 1983 Le Mans 24 Hours.

The mod includes both prototypes and GT cars and will come with over 300 liveries, including many rare cars of this spectacular era.

  • Wayne Reed

    Still dont like the sounds. I will wait and see when the full mod is here.

    • Freddy Stapersma

      Our normal sound guy had to stop for a while so this is done by one of our 3d guys as his first try in the sound department.
      I think for a second test it is already much better as it was. I can work with sounds to but never was able to create something like that
      With no guidence at all I think he already did a great job. Not perfect no but not bad at all.
      I can hear some mixing so you hear 2 sounds instead of a good flow from one to another but heard much worse in the past.

      and it does sound evil in reality!

      • M1GHTY M4VS

        I don’t know but I’d think that if you get some help from DRM nil you may be better suited for the M1.

      • Freddy Stapersma

        Nil his work isawsome and we are in contact with eachother.
        the team wanted to try them selves first. and I cannot blaim them for that.

      • M1GHTY M4VS

        Yeah it wasn’t a failure at all but it could just get that notch up for top accurate just in case, I absolutely dig the Cosworthb sounds tho 😛

  • Robert Every

    Sound is fine, what is the issue is in this car the sounds sort of rolls over itself at the top end, almost as if the sound guy ran out of revs, and for the last 1000 just went back to where he was 100 agao again! lol

  • Anonymous


  • AL_D

    This is how a BMW M1 Procar should sound in Rfactor:

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