GTPC by Virtua_LM Junior Team – New Sound Preview

The Virtua_LM Junior Team has released a new sound preview of their GTPC mod for rFactor, letting us listen to some of the historical racing cars their mod will contain.

Alongside the sound preview, plenty of new preview screenshots have been released as you can see below.

GTPC was formerly known as Prototype C and will bring a massive amount of cars from one of endurance racing’s finest decades to rFactor, centering around the 1983 Le Mans 24 Hours.

The mod includes both prototypes and GT cars and will come with over 300 liveries, including many rare cars of this spectacular era.

  • John Lyon

    Is that a mazda at 1:14?

  • Patrick McTie

    I’m starting to get waaay too excited for this mod.

  • Alexandre Sene

    that’s a noise

  • gpfan

    I dont think it´s a very good idea to show off sounds ripped of from other games….. but ok. Thats fine for me. People know me for doing some stuff but since i´m using commercial 3d models and other stuff i can´t show my work to everybody, and why can you?? Be careful with that…… Those sounds are not scratch made, i know very well the source and i´m using them to my newer project sooooooo……..

    • Vivemclaren

      Some sounds are temporary for now.

    • Freddy Stapersma

      Possible because I did not know they used a sound that did not belong to us..
      That sucks and will ask why that is used in the first place….

  • Anonymous

    Sounds really good!

  • Freddy Stapersma

    Hmm. there goes communication again..
    Did not know they still used a temporary sound for one car.

  • Dennis Matzies

    is there a reason why the Virtua_LM Junior Team don’t use the shader from srpl?

    • Freddy Stapersma

      Hi Dennis, yes there is.
      Various reasons.
      But the most important is that the team desided not to use it because it costs to much graphic power with 40+ cars on track.
      They wanted to keep this running smooth on avarage computers.

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