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GTPC 1984 1.2 for rFactor 2 – Released

[ODS]Arnaud has released a new version of his 1984 Group C mod conversion for rFactor 2.

Based on Virtua_LM Junior Team’s massive GTPC mod for rFactor, the conversion includes three cars from the 1984 season, including the iconic Porsche 956, the Lancia LC2 and Jaguar’s XJR-5.

The new version comes with upscaled textures as well as new PBR/IBL shaders as well as plenty of other fixes and improvements as listed below.


-New PBR/IBL shader for carbody
-New PBR/IBL shader for Lancia & Jaguar cockpit
-Upsclaled textures liveries
-Collision mesh more accurate
-New top nose camera
-Solve the shadow bug related to headlight glass
-Warning rev-led light sooner
-Engine is less prone to overheating (you can apply some grid tape depending of the track)
-Small adjustments for spring & dampers are now available
-Adjustable onboard rear anti-roll bar for the Jaguar (like the real one)
-Tire wear decreased
-Pitcrew & marshals can push the car
-AI is now using race tires and so is able to do longer stint
-AI tires is now gaining grip with rubber
-Talent for each AI balanced on 1984 results

Each of the three cars is available as separate download off Steam below.

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