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GTL Mod Final – Released

GTL Mod Final – Released

While rFactor racers are waiting for the Historic GT & Touring Car mod to come out, GTR2 players can get their historic fix now – With scca9181’s GTL Mod that brings all GTL cars to GTR2.

From Porsche to Mercedes, Lotus to Corvette, this mod has everything a true historic racing fan desires. Unlike the upcoming rFactor mod, the GTL Mod is pretty much a straight conversion, only a few details have been changed. So if you ever wanted to try out GTL but couldn’t find a budget copy anywhere, this one is for you!

Please make sure to deinstall any previous or other GTL-based mod before installing this one.

Download GTL Mod Final Here

  • tigeraid

    I’ll post the same thoughts I posted on nogrip…

    Basically, as a HARDCORE Power and Glory player, I have no problem with this mod, and no one else should. It’s almost a direct port of GTL, which means they’re vintage cars with modern tires–they don’t have the authenticity or historical accuracy that Power and Glory offers. They’re not as rewarding or challenging.

    They are, however, TONS of fun, and this mod is well worth the download, and will even tide us over until Power and Glory v2.0. This mod is worth it alone for the TVR, the Corvettes, the GT40 and the Capri. HIGHLY recommended. 😎

  • phil23

    Cool, i’ve missed playing GTL after a major system failure i’ve never risked allowing Starforce on my pc again!!

    This and Power and the Glory will fill that massive GTL hole 🙂

  • Anon

    Mr blog person, you wrote “So if you ever wanted to try out GTL but couldn’t find a budget copy anywhere, this one is for you!”

    Am i wrong or do you not need the original GTL disk to install this with?

  • Montoya

    No, you don’t need the disk. The mod you think of is the Historic GT & TC mod for rFactor – That one will require the GTL disk

  • tigeraid

    You also require the GTL disc to install Power and Glory for GTR2. But not this mod.

  • Anon

    My mistake….thanks for that peeps! 😳

  • F1Racer

    Out of curiosity, if you already own GTL and have it installed as I do, is it worth still getting this mod ? Does it offer anything more apart from maybe more tracks to race on ?

  • jimmy

    This is fantastic, GTL without effin starforce killing my dvd drives. Power & glory is fine but this a modern classic car series on modern tracks.

  • Douglas Lundberg

    Montoya, filefront is not working for me 😥
    could u plz upload it to megaupload?
    or rapidshare. (i prefer megaupload though) 😛

  • scca1981


    No GTL cd is required for this install. The game is past its prime and Simbin is no longer fully supporting it. Also these days when you buy GTR2, GTL is packaged with it. So I personally felt a cd check was not required.

    However I still recommend that for the full GTL experience you do get the full game. This mod is geared more towards the people who already own the game but however do not want starforce installed.

  • scca1981

    also forgot too mention that the physics are a direct conversion. Note though that the cars may handle a tad better due too the GTR2 track settings giving a tad more grip.

  • racr

    What’s the difference with the illegal GTL mod?
    Just that this is legal? Or is there more?

  • scca1981

    This has no cd check for install… so its legality is questionable. The main difference in this mod and the other one is this has the full GTL physics and sounds.

  • hill phil

    I really like this, well done scca1981, now I have no need for gtl on my pc! The power & glory boys are being a bit snotty about this mod, questioning its worth. Its gtl on GTR2 get over yourselves!

  • racr

    Thx. The difference in file size alone should have given me a clue 🙂 And Big Thanks for your work!

  • DucFreak

    “quote: The power & glory boys are being a bit snotty about this mod, questioning its worth. Its gtl on GTR2 get over yourselves!”

    …That’s very, very low (is that you, PhilH959 in NG?), you didn’t see anyone from GTLW saying anything about the mod with my exception, of personal comments.

    Now it’s my turn… it’s “just” GTL on GTR2, get over yourself. 😉

  • hill phil

    No im not philH939
    I saw a comment saying its ‘gtl on steroids’ Not true at all. Its not there anymore!

  • Anonymous

    Nice Mod!

    I think you should reconsider the CD check philosophy as being semi legal will keep it from being on alot of online servers..