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GT5 Prologue – SRT Review

GT5 Prologue – SRT Review

Bob Simmerman of Sim Racing Tonight has sat down and taken Sony’s Gran Turismo 5 Prologue for an in depth spin. Is the Playstation 3’s premier driving game close to be a real simulation or just another arcade title? Watch the video to find out.

[youtube id5SiFBQx88& nolink]

  • bruno

    This guy is terrible, his intentions were good but the edition and overall exprience watching, were really bad. Dude, please review you video review, before publishing. Tanks

  • Bob Simmerman

    Sorry, it was my first attempt at the video side of things after nearly four years of being only a writer for AutoSimSport Magazine.

    I am hoping to do much better, and I have no idea how the SRT guys were able to take the hours of footage I shot and put it into this good of a format.

    Keep in mind, we do this for absolutely not a dime, as such, production values, at least from my side, will be on the rough side until I get better at this, that is, provided I don’t give it up entirely.