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GT Legends Revival for Existing Owners

GT Legends Revival for Existing Owners

Recently, Simbin launched a digital-download version of their famed GT Legends title that properly supports modern operating systems such as Windows Vista & Windows 7.

Until now, buyers of the DVD version that was released back in 2005 were left out of these improvements. This changes now as Simbin has started the GT Legends Revival campaign, giving all GT Legends disc version owners access to a complimentary digital-download version with the mentioned improvements.

To claim the new version, owners just have to contact Simbin’s helpdesk and send in a photo of their GT Legends box & disc as proof of ownership. Detailed instructions on how to claim the update can be found on the RaceRoom website.

  • Big Ron

    Where is the problem of downloading the digital version and have it as a backup to install it, whenever you want without DVD?

    In Germany, a popular magazine had the digital version of GT Legends on DVD for free, SimBin now does it again…which is great.

  • Eric Jondon

    I had a discussion with a couple of people at Simbin a few years ago about providing a NOCD or whatever for the then rather old GTL. I was told that was impossible due to the Starforce protection and simply couldn’t be done.

    Thanks for lying to me Simbin.