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Grid Challenge Mod 1.0 – Released

Grid Challenge Mod 1.0 – Released

Scca1981 has released the first version of his Grid Challenge Mod for GTR2. The mod features GT-style cars ready for road racing competition, the first car to be released is the Dodge Charger SRT-8R.

In the end, the mod will consist of five different models which will be released car by car. So for now, enjoy a spin in the Charger while scca1981 works on new additions.

Download Grid Challenge Mod 1.0 Here

  • phil23


    Are these models from Grid itself?

  • HoW Monty

    Yes, they are.

  • steve

    hey cool but what is about rfactor ?

  • Kill4f00d

    Convert the Mustang GTR and the Zonda Pagani at least. I hope he converts the open wheel racers too, and maybe some prototypes! Grid has many awesome cars that belong in a simulation not an arcade game

  • Kill4f00d

    Its a very awesome conversion/mod by the way. :mrgreen: Sorry for double post