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GRID Autosport – Tuner Video Trailer

Codemasters have released another video trailer of their upcoming GRID Autosport title.

Codemasters have released another video trailer of their upcoming GRID Autosport title.

Like the trailers before, this one takes a look at a particular discipline of racing within the game, introducing us to the tuner/drifting type of cars in GRID Autosport.

GRID Autosport will bring a wide selection of cars from several disciplines of racing, the full car list can be found here.

GRID Autosport is primarily developed for the PC, interestingly Codemasters have decided to skip on the next-gen consoles. The title will be available for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on June 24 (US) and June 27 (Europe) respectively.


  • Daan Loos

    Nice weight shifting 😉

  • Birddogg66

    Looks good if your into drifting I might have to give it a try. Oh also another question I was given a comp copy of Dirt Showdown and it seems the game does not recognize my CSW but Dirt 3 does as well as 2 and 1. One would figure that all codemasters games would have the same compatibility as far as controllers are concerned. Another game I have that my CSW controller does not work nor does my G27 or GT3 RSv2 is Grid 1. This is an area where codemasters needs to create a standard across the board where it concerns input controllers. It would be unwise to neglect this

    • Bekim Dine

      I pre ordered only 3 days ago, why didn’t I get dirt showdown??

      • Glen Orpheus

        did you purchase on Steam ?
        if so you may want to press F5 and just refresh your steam client, worked for me (“,)

      • Bekim Dine

        Never mind, it’s been added to my library but it wasn’t there earlier in the day. All good 🙂

    • Roy Rki

      Probably they’d comment in a codemasters fashion “most people use controllers to race”…

      • Birddogg66

        That’s what I mean I can never seem to get answers to support related questions? Also I am here to support Codemasters as a developer but feel they deserve a little chop bustin in a motivational effort. Due to the fact that there seems to always be issues surrounding their titles in one form or another. Does Codemasters want to be compared to Milestone or something better? Does Codemasters have the talent to evolve to the next level? Sure but a small kick in the butt does not hurt when done in a sincere manner. I do enjoy Codemasters titles that work the way they should and then experience great frustrations from issues that plague Grid 1 and Dirt Showdown without any desires to fix these titles from the developer.
        It’s a matter of Pride Codemaster’s! When efforts can be made to patch and fix issues related to compatibility issues that is very much appreciated by the end users of your software.
        However I don’t expect a fix for Test Drive Ferrari Racing Legends either even thought at this point I think there could be one and it end up being a great title.

  • dd101

    Who is impressed by that trailer? One got to be a smoke lover.

    • Birddogg66

      I would say a good percentage of the target audience would be. Just because I am not a drifter does not mean no one should be.