GRID 3 – First Video Teaser

Codemasters have released a first video teaser of the third installment of their GRID franchise.

While the teaser that comes with some nice sounds does not mention GRID 3 specifically, the fact that it sports the GRID badge and is uploaded to Codemasters’ “GRID” Youtube account should be telling enough.

Codemasters will reveal more details on , it remains to be seen whether the third GRID will cater more towards the needs of fans of realistic racing after GRID 2 dropped most of the more realistic features of GRID 1, including circuit racing and cockpit view.

  • Gulyás Tamás

    We need back cockpit view ! ( I need anyway… :) )

  • joe pineapples

    Well they’ve been keen to emphasize ‘they’ve listened’…’really listened’, so I guess we’ll find out next Tuesday.

  • F1Racer

    I’ll bet anything those sounds aren’t from the game so it’s kind of a nothing teaser really. Plus I reckon if it’s going to be anything it will be just automotive eye candy with better than average crash damage.
    But we’ll see.

  • Bill

    I wouldn’t even try a demo without cockpit view. I’ll be interested in how this develops anyway.

  • Hurdy Hurdy

    I thought was ‘100% Sim Racing News’

    Where does this version of GRID fit in to that category?

    • F1Racer

      Fits into the sim-racing category.

      • Hurdy Hurdy

        In that case, every racing game does then. Even Mario Kart simulates racing.

        Look forward to your Ridge Racer and Out Run reviews, lol.

      • F1Racer

        In all your patronising, you are correct.
        Ridge Racer and Out Run are way too old to review now.

    • MontoyaVR

      We don’t know yet whether it fits :)

      New titles are always getting covered if there’s a chance that they’ll offer a realistic racing experience.

      It was the same with GRID 2, I covered it until it became apparent that it is heading very much in the arcade direction. The same will happen here if GRID 3 turns out to be the same…but maybe it won’t :)

    • Almacca

      Dunno about you, but I’m interested in pretty much any racing game, and appreciate the viewpoint of connoisseurs, as opposed to leaving it to the likes of the Regular Gaming Press.

  • Ben Lee

    Codies haven’t made a decent racing game since the Colin McRae rally games.

  • Leeman

    The last version of GRID didnt even have a cockpit view. Ugh. I’ll pass. They should go back to making the TOCA series.

    • Steve Shears

      This one does. Cockpit view is back.

  • Pascal

    GRID 1 was best arcade racing game. But GRID 2 was bad.

  • Metal Machine

    A video of red lines. AWESOME, i believe under 1 trilion of people will surely buy it /sarcazm.

  • Me

    Everyone is asking for a cockpit view…maybe they’ll put us in the car with Oculus support? They’ve shown they can bring it in the graphics department, now if they could give us some realistic physics…might be good. We’ll see…

  • ftrracingtv

    please make this TOCA 4

  • Derek Speare

    Cockpit View: Mandatory!
    Proper Three Screen Support: Essential, without question!

    • FatnSlo

      I would be shocked if it had proper triple screen support.

    • Almacca

      Cockpit view, and I daresay triple screen support, is really only any good if you can configure the camera position and field of view, and maybe even turn off the in car wheel. How hard could that be, though? TrackIR support would be a fairly straightforward improvement too.

      Codemasters have never done that in the past, though, leading me to prefer the hood view in their games. Maybe that’s how they got those stats about viewpoint preferences.

  • Hurdy Hurdy

    Whilst it is presumed this is GRID 3, there is some chatter around the net that this will actually be a ‘next gen’ version GRID 2 for the XBOX ONE and PS4.

  • Grant Robinson

    Wow! They have really perfected the physics and car handing judging by the way those red flashes zip across the screen compared to the red flashes of Grid 2 teaser…

  • Mario Strada

    I bought Grid 2 at a Steam sale. I think I paid $6 for it.
    That was too much. The cars are undrivable. You have to drive them like you would a large boat. Plan in advance.

    I thought I would mind the lack of a cockpit view, but hood view is very similar and I don’t mind it. Everything else, the races without a lap of practice, the physics, are the worse I have ever tried.

    I don’t have much hope for Grid 3. As far as I know, Grid 2 sold pretty well, or they would not be making a sequel.
    More power to them, but I won’t buy it even on sale this time.

  • A Lex Ander

    Oh and… THIS is what cockpit games should look like:

  • RKipker

    No Cockpit, N Circuit Tracks, No Money….LOL

  • Voltaic

    All they had to do is add realistic physics, more tracks and updated cars. It would have been an instant hit. The original Grid was a blast!

  • joe pineapples

    Official first details are about now, and looks promising so far.

  • MontoyaVR

    Pretty much all the big gaming sites cover titles like GRID. Which is kind of why I feel doing the same is a moot exercise.

    The point behind VirtualR is that it covers titles in depth that other mainstream outlets ignore. It’s a sim racing site and I have to draw a line somewhere.

    So for me, the question is: Does a game make an effort to create a realistic driving experience? If it does, I’ll cover it…if it does not, I won’t.

    It has nothing to do with certain developers either. I didn’t cover GRID 2 but I do cover Codies F1 games. Because they are making an effort to be realistic.

    I’m not saying titles like GRID, Burnout, NfS (aside from Shift which did fit the VR mold) are bad, I’m just not interested in them. I like realistic driving games and frankly, I won’t put personal time into covering titles I don’t even like or care about. In the end, VirtualR is a hobbyist website that I run in my free time and I won’t let it be turned into a chore.

    Again, nothing personal against these titles. I’m sure they’re great…Fifa and World of Warcraft are great too…but I don’t cover them either ;)

  • Steve Shears

    Oh yeah…totally agree. TBH i think Codemasters shat on ppl from a great height regarding their early racers being accurate when the likes of Race and Rfactor were doing a much better job.

  • Wedge598

    I agree with you guys. The Dirt series shows that these guys can make an enjoyable Simcade racer. I loved Grid 1 and still regard it as having the best Career mode ever seen in a racing game. I passed completely on Grid 2 because they went toward the arcade side and not the sim side. If they can bring some Dirt 2/3 physics and cockpit views back I’ll be very interested.

  • todemanjack

    The reason I visit this site is for an outlet of driving and racing game news. I don’t care if you covered “Mario Kart”! “100% Sim Racing News” is far too narrow and just encourages endless debate. If I was up to it. I’d start a site that covers every driving game on the market. Including those just on Consoles. But I don’t have the time, talent or money. Were all left to search the Web for ourselves. Anyone know of, or up to, making a YouTube channel devoted to “all virtual racing games”? Bet you could make a little scratch!

  • Mario Strada

    And that’s why I get my news here. I totally agree with your policy.

  • F1Racer

    I do have to agree with you. I know it’s been going on since as long as I can remember but all this ‘my favourite sim is better than your favourite sim’ stuff is really quite pathetic, childish and a complete yawn-fest.
    It’s like people just don’t want to allow someone else to have a diferent opinion than them without verbal consequences. If someone has an opinion on one of the sims, there is no leeway at all. No understanding that the another person can believe a different sim is better than theirs.
    People like sims for different reasons and are in it for different reasons. I never got on with GPL. Yet it was praised to high heaven. That’s fair enough for me. It wasn’t for me because I personally didn’t find it realistic. Others thought different and they enjoyed it. Good for them.
    I never once told them off or had a pop at them because of their opinion. Didn’t affect me as there was nothing in it for me.
    It also seems to be trendy to be negative to someone else. It’s way too easy these days. People say things they would never do in a face to face situation.
    Sim racing is a competitive environment in the racing and in the discussions. People have their opinions and some cannot understand if someone else’s differs.
    And how easy it is to diss on a sim or an article here too.
    Very few are capable of finding the positives. I can’t think of any sim that hasn’t been labelled as ‘arcade’ by someone. Every sim has had their physics slagged off.

    But it only goes to prove what we already know, which is no sim is perfect and that it’s impossible to please everyone.

    Moderating that negativity isn’t easy. It’s not as easy as deleting every negative comment until people learn to be nicer to each other.
    It would be nice if people followed the simple guide of treating others as you would want to be treated. But that’s impossible to hope for.

    Heated debate is fine imo as long as it stays civil.
    Heated doesn’t have to mean a slanging match, but more a discussion that can provide a fascinating read with good points coming from both sides. A good debate can spawn all sorts of good things if both are raising good points or opinions.

    The end goal doesn’t have to be trying to convince the other that you are right or trying to get them to see it your way.
    Yes it would be nice to come here and read new posts and get involved in some discussions and maybe helping people out with problems. Rather that than reading people sniping at each other over petty things or reading people posting smartarse comments thinking they are funny or clever.

    The place you are in now, I’ve been there. You just reach that point when it’s enough. But the place wasn’t moderated then and I like to think things are a bit more civil now than they were but to expect a negative-free zone (or something close to it) is unrealistic.
    Nevertheless we can but try to minimise it.

  • Pvt Stash

    Interesting read there. Used to have a T-shirt, said: ” Instant Asshole, Add Alcohol” seems it’s more like ” Instant Asshole, Add Comment. ” BTW, I am just having a joke. This is in no way a personal attack on anyone. My guess is a lot of this would go away very quickly if people were forced into a face to face situation. It’s way too easy these days to give someone a hard time with no great risk to oneself.

    Honestly, who gives a toss which is better than which. They’re all fun so get over it and go play. :)

  • gt3rsr

    BS. Codemasters games are utterly irrelevant to simracing community. Why would any SIMracer want to play THIS???

  • joe pineapples

    I didn’t want to play THAT, but I do want to play something like the old Grid and previous to that the Toca series. I had some of the most intense yet still fun times online with those games. Don’t get me wrong, I’m massively enjoying the challenge of Assetto Corsa, but sometimes I want to enjoy a driving game with a bit less than 100% concentration and I think Codemasters can fill that gap, IF they can role the clock back to their peak, with the next game.

  • Pvt Stash

    I find it helps to be in some way ” not completely in touch with reality” while reading comments. Choose your substance and let the laughing commence! ;)

  • Marco Hooghuis

    I like arcade experiences like ridge racer or wipeout, no problem. But driving in games like grid is so incredibly frustrating that I really wonder why anybody thinks they’re enjoyable?

  • joe pineapples

    I’ll ask my psychiatrist at my next session.

  • Marco Hooghuis

    I’m not trying to discredit you, I’m genuinly wondering what’s so enjoyable about grid.

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