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Greger Huttu In A Real Race Car – iRacing Video Feature

Greger Huttu In A Real Race Car – iRacing Video Feature

Back in October, an article in Top Gear Magazine reported on Finland’s Greger Huttu’s first ever chance to drive a real life Star Mazda open-wheeler at Road Atlanta.

Despite not even having a driver license, the “alien” and reigning iRacing World Champion impressed everyone by getting up to speed very quickly without putting a single scratch on the precious race car.

Now, iRacing has released a very interesting video feature on Greger’s endeavour, showing his first steps in a real race car from up close. The 23-minute video includes interviews with iRacing’s Dave Kaemmer, NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. & Marcos Ambrose and of course Greger himself. The video can be watched by clicking the image below, make sure to not miss out on this interesting film!

  • Nismo

    Very very cool video and respect to Gregor man

  • Mark

    Not only the fastest, also one of the nicest guys I met in my days at SC and nice to see him do so well in a RL car!

    Hope you enjoyed your day Greger,

    greats Mark

  • Dan

    Very impressive. It’s hard to judge how fast he would be if he had been doing this since he was a child, but then he wouldn’t have the sim racing experience… sooo =

  • Jux

    I remember when I tried cart racing (not professional) in real world first time. It was tottally different than the simracing. All the g-forces and wind – I didn’t feel cumforting at all. The wheel was also a little hard for my intelligent hands :P. And after 10 laps or so I was quite exhausted and felt a little dizzy. I tottally understand how you may become sick if you go straight to really fast cars … it is just so overwhelming and totally different than in your bedroom, behind the computer screen.

    Terveisia Greger!

  • Fudge factor

    Good video.   I didn’t know John Henry (Liverpool FC’s new owner) was behind iRacing.  I’d seen an iRacing Lotus79 at his facebook page and knew he had a Nascar team….well, well.

    Poor gregor getting sick.   Seems he did a good job though, usurprisingly enough.  He did say it was easier than he thought, the Skip car being more forgiving in real life, and that he didn’t really push it – very sensible.  Obviously he’d be a lot quicker once looking after the car was less of a deal.  

    Good production on the video too.  Thanks iracing.

  • GTEvo

    Nice to see what Person is behind the fastet Simracer of the World..
    Now he needs practice,practice,practice…

    The opposite, or the Secret between a fast Racer and a Champion its only there individuell Limit on the Edge. This Limit isnt learning…this is an naturel Talent.
    Its just an Killer-Instinkt.
    If Greger doesent have this “Killer-Instinkt”..he will be offcourse a fast Racer.
    For sure.
    Because every good Cardriver with an RaceLizenz could be “fast”.
    He only need an high Budget, with an professional Marketing Concept and just a lot of practicing.

    Gregers devot and shy Mentality means not that he cant be an Champion. Vettel starts his Career he was a very shy Person to.
    Look at him today^^

    Greger have just to find out, if he has an “Killer-Instinkt”

    “It never Fall a Master from the Sky”
    Congrats Greger, good luck and push the Limit!

  • Slimjim

    Having raced Karts for many years, i know exactly what he was feeling..
    even on a cool day you will work up a sweat, and Georgia in mid summer, this place is Africa hot..
    only physical training can prepare someone for the torture these cars put your body through..
    I have seen many injuries to ribs and other parts of the body just due to the thrashing in the seat from a rough track.. Very good job, and hope this isn’t the last time you get the chance in a real race car…. maybe should take up Karting, people of all ages are doing it..
    I didn’t win my 1st Championship until I was 44..

    Good Luck in your Racing future.

  • Arnold-Carter Kingpong Wong

    I would say not having a driving license is not really a matter to racing…………..I found it much harder to drive @ 20km/h on a road than speeding a car without any limits…..

    • Charlie Foster

       you’re dumb.. lol

  • hoover

    Very well done by Greger, and I enjoyed Dave mentioning GPLRank, my lovechild 😉  

    Greger seems to be  a very humble guy for all his “fame” in simracing. 


  • Lolzi

    I believe what they are trying to show is that, apart from sim-racing, the guy is a total newbie. Experience with a steering wheel, for instance, is pretty important. I tried it the other way around – my first ever driving lesson, along with other “students”, I had a clear advantage in actually knowing how the car reacted to inputs. Any experience with driving helps IMO.

  • pepe

    “not even having a driver license”. Not true. This has a Ford Sierra as a daily driver, or at least so was told in the Top Gear article.

  • Philip Oakley


  • Bakkster

    The guys at iRacing noticed that only after the video came out.  He used to drive the Sierra, but has no car at the moment. I’m guessing when he said ‘I don’t drive’ because he has no car, they misunderstood that as not having a license.

  • abigeator

    He looks 45.

    • Ratte Sttia

      You look like 115 ! -LOL