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Greger Huttu Goes Real-Racing – Article

Greger Huttu Goes Real-Racing – Article

Top Gear Magazine has published a very interesting article on the world’s most famous sim racer as Greger Huttu recently got the chance to prove himself in a real race car.

Despite recently winning the iRacing World Championship and having been dominating the rankings in simulations such as Grand Prix Legends, NASCAR Racing 2003 and GTR2, the 30 year-old Finn has never driven a real race car before he got to try the Andersen Racing Star Mazda at Road Atlanta.

Knowing both the car and track from iRacing, Greger was able to leave a great impression right from the start, posting quick times without putting a single scratch on the car. But his experiences also shows that all the sim racing in the world can’t prepare drivers for the physical strain that is involved with driving a real race car.

A link to the full article can be found below, make sure to not miss out on this extremely interesting read.

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