Greger Huttu Goes Real-Racing – Article

Top Gear Magazine has published a very interesting article on the world’s most famous sim racer as Greger Huttu recently got the chance to prove himself in a real race car.

Despite recently winning the iRacing World Championship and having been dominating the rankings in simulations such as Grand Prix Legends, NASCAR Racing 2003 and GTR2, the 30 year-old Finn has never driven a real race car before he got to try the Andersen Racing Star Mazda at Road Atlanta.

Knowing both the car and track from iRacing, Greger was able to leave a great impression right from the start, posting quick times without putting a single scratch on the car. But his experiences also shows that all the sim racing in the world can’t prepare drivers for the physical strain that is involved with driving a real race car.

A link to the full article can be found below, make sure to not miss out on this extremely interesting read.

Download Greger Huttu Top Gear Article Here

  • Justin ForzaBarça D’Cruze


    Well done to Greger, must have been quite an experience.
    Atleast we now know that the alien has the balls on top of the skills to drive a racing car near the limit. Physical conditioning is something anyone can work on, but going into a corner with complete disregard for self-preservation?
    Thats something that sets race drivers apart and it seems Greger does have it.

    Out of interest, does anyone know what his best time was? The article mentions a 1:24 but then it says he got faster with each lap, which is what I would expect.

  • GillianD

    I’ve got all Simbin games, even Rfactor and F12010!
    I personally like iRacing best in overall, so what it costs a litle money!

  • GillianD

    I’ve got all Simbin games, even Rfactor and F12010!  
    I personally like iRacing best , so what it costs a little money

  • Nanny

    Ahh ok, thanks man.

  • Cigol

    It wasn’t insulting if you read it through from start to finish, and it’s making a very valid point in doing so. I thought the article and the author were very respectful and impressed with Gregors efforts.

  • Hanzales

    I think the same would happen to me (into helmet) before even start the engine ;o) Try imagine all the feelings at the start and then bum… physical forces together with real speed. Respect Greg did not crashed and he made very good lap times. Like a MAN! ;) (sorry for eng)

  • ThisGuestOfSummer

    Utterly poor physical condition, nerd-like appearence – Huttu – bringing shame on the sim racing community since 1732. He is obviously not the first person going from his bedroom into real life racing but this was definitely the most embarrassing performance. Therefore i say unto you: Praised be the man who shares his own race car, for I would not let him drive a shopping cart. On Sunday.

  • fish99

    Prove it.

  • Nuberu

    Your comment sounds like a lot of evy to me :)

    Is much more possible that a good simracer is a good racer than a mediocre simracer is a good racer, but knowing you will never meet one for real is easy to say “what he did is nothing”.

  • Roto2

    Try to be only 0.5 seconds slower than a hotlap of gregger and cry. He dominated the gplrank for a lot of years, and in gplrank database there is more than 8000 people with the same car. Nowadays is stupyd questioning the supremacy of gregger. He has won every championship in that he raced, in a lot of different racing sims.

  • Robbie Burns

    Must not have been a sim racer long. This dude is probaby the best in the world.

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