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Grand Slam 1.0 – Released

Grand Slam 1.0 – Released

Following the two betas released a year ago, Team Players have released the final version of their Grand Slam mod for rFactor, bringing the DP class of the 2006 Grand Am Rolex Sports Car Series to the simulation.

The mod includes four different Daytona Prototype models made by Riley, Crawford, Fabcar and Doran. The cars are powered by various V8 engines from manufacturers such as BMW, Porsche & Lexus. All paint schemes from the 2006 season are included,  matching templates to paint your own car are also provided.

Originally started by D3 as a planned commercial game, Team Players have took up the task to finish what D3 started and iDT continued to develop. The whole project was initially announced at the 2006 Rolex 24 Hour race at Daytona and comes to a conclusion with the final release of the mod four years later.

Download Grand Slam 1.0 Here