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Grand Prix Legends – New Spa 1967 Track Coming

A new version of Spa Francorchamps 1967 is coming to Grand Prix Legends.

The 1967 version of Spa Francorchamps has become one of the most iconic historic tracks in sim racing, having a presence in many current racing titles such as Project CARS & rFactor 2.

The first sim that brought the track to the PC was Grand Prix Legends all the way back in 1998 and while other sims have caught the Spa bug, its original home is getting a major overhaul thanks to GPLs still very much alive modding community.

Below are plenty of previews of a new version of Spa 1967 about to be released for GPL very soon – Looking mighty fine for a 16-year old title!

  • Dustin Dawes

    It looks exactly like iRacing.

    • Anonymous

      Yes! and no paying a silly subscription fee and then STILL having to pay for most cars and tracks to boot! Long live GPL.
      Thank you GPL Modding Team!

      • Chris Wright

        It’s from a different time, when licensing wasn’t the big business it now is.

        It won’t happen but if only IRacing would release an updated offline version of GPL using their incredible physics and artwork skills – I was just thinking that tonight testing the iRacing Lotus 49 at Laguna Seca.

      • Anonymous

        Yes iRacings stockcar physics are wonderful and their graphics some of the best DX9 graphics going.(If DX11 is live now I can’t comment since I have not seen them)

  • knob

    It’s like unearthing a fossil.

  • Anonymous

    I love the art style of all of these high-detail GPL tracks, like the Targa Florio and so on. I don’t know if it’s the colour palette or the photo-based textures or what, they just generally all have a really nice look to them, especially for the age of the game.

    • Chris Wright

      Yes indeed, there’s something that just draws you in to them. Fantastic stuff.

  • Pandamasque

    I find it incomprehensible how over the many years of rFactor modding among hundreds of tracks produced there wasn’t a single decent scratch-made version of Spa of any era!

    • Chris Wright

      A very good point. But the official circuit in rF2 is fabulous of course.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, historical accuracy, the right hands to do the job, really can make the diference in simulation world! Even gmotor2 if tweaked properlly has to bear no shame against new titles, so my dream is that FANTASTIC GPL version, will someday see the light to other platforms, even if it’s “just” rfactor! WONDERFULL stuff, really….

    • Anonymous

      The problem is that gpl is very limited as an engine. As great as the
      work that is still done by gpl modders, they really are very limited in
      what they can do by the engine.

      In fact i find it quite sad that we still are dealing with a lot of “gpl conversions” for many historical tracks.

      So much more could be done if made for modern sims.

      It just seems like the GPL community has some of the best modders, at
      least in terms of accuracy and care. With rfactor and the like, i get
      the impression that a lot of it seems to be about rushed conversions and
      just doing things without care for realism or proper research. Or
      changing the physics from what is accurate because they “don’t want it
      to be too difficult” (that’s what i heard about that f1 classics mod
      anyway – and that originally used GPLEA content without permission).

      So yes, i would rather see original creations and modders taking pride in their work.

      also the tiny issue that whenever something is converted, the
      converters get all the plaudits and no one cares about the amount of
      effort that the original creators put in. I know the GPL guys are fairly
      humble but i still find it sad.

      But yer, we really need a new historic sim to base tracks on.

      Even sims with good historical mods (like P&G) lack a dedicated historical track community.

      I personally had hoped that stock AC and RF2 content would be more
      “committed” to historical content. A season’s worth of tracks and a
      single complete series would really bring it to life (whether 60s F1,
      60s GT prototype or 60s Touring Cars).

      Variety in cars with their own personality is what makes gpl as special as it is.

      • Chris Wright

        Limited as it may be, GPL still has a lot of charisma and nostalgia surrounding it that many titles will never have.

      • Anonymous

        Indeed – largely because it tries to replicate an era rather than a mishmash of things.

        Also its modding community really add to that!

        It still has a lot of physics issues and exploits such that driving unrealistically makes you a lot faster – throttle-braking improves brake efficiency etc.

        And what you can do with the environments is quite limited too – Opatija (preluk) is quite inaccurate because of an engine limitation on its hairpins so the apexes are less sharp than they should be. (Could also be lack of street view and reference videos when made).

        The thing is, this version has been ported to all other sims rather than any actual remaking of the track, so the inaccuracies carry over. This is the kind of thing that is really sad.

        Gpl certainly has the best modding community though – even though it is really small now. The mods it has are all good quality.

  • Arie Beuker, de

    Man! This looks awesome. I still have GPL on my drive and it works.

  • Anonymous

    Wow let’s convert it to rF2! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      See someone understood me. Seems that the historic tracks in rF2 are straight from GPL and given a good brushing to bring them up to date like historic Spa and 10K Monza but if some of you want to find negativity in everything that is not of a sugar coat base go right ahead and bring on the down votes!

  • Walter

    This article is music to my ears! I have recently restarted my GPL addiction, and this news deserves a lot of CELEBRATING!!!

  • David Wright

    This track must hold the record for the longest time to develop – John Basara started work on it around the year 2000. It is wonderful that it is finally getting so close to release. Really looking forward to trying it out even if GPLs sound doesn’t work on my current PC.

  • Chris Wright

    This is such awesome news isn’t it. Sims come, sims go, but this is the one that always pulls me back for more.

    In case you are inspired to reinstall, here’s some great links that will help: – – How to reinstall – Latest 1.07 installer – need I say more? Everything you need is linked from here. – Unbelievable GPL textures. Install and be amazed. – Wallow in GPL nostalgia.

    The all time classic sim. Still love it.

    • Lasse Jakobi Ougaard

      Thanks mate, I was actually thinking about giving it a go again, when seeing this! 🙂

      • Chris Wright

        YVW. There’s just a treasure trove of mods for this title and, as we can see, it just continues on and on.

        The original Papy Spa was very inaccurate, as we can see from the excellent rF2 version of the circuit. This new one promises to fix that and give GPL a whole new lease of life. Amazing stuff.

  • Roger Wallentin

    Wow the textures are great! Especially the backgrounds, crowds etc it really gives the track atmosphere!

    Im sure it looks 10 times better when driving compared with the screenshots as well…

    I’m really tempted to re-install my favorite sim for 10 years!

  • Lasse Jakobi Ougaard

    On a sidenote, why does this article mention nothing about who is doing this, what community he belongs to, where we will eventually be able to get it and when “very soon” might be?

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    I was never able to get GPL running on Windows 7. Doubt I can on windows 8 either

  • Silvio

    From the point of view showed, these cartoon people are better made than many other sims.