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Gran Turismo 7 Slated for Playstation 5 Launch Release

When Gran Turismo 7 was one of the games leading Sony’s Playstation 5 games showcase last month, the first video trailer did not provide any planned release date and few people expected GT7 to be due anytime soon considering Polyphony Digital’s reputation for delays and the fact that no Gran Turismo title has ever been a Playstation console launch title.

Things could be well different this year though as the Official Playstation Magazine in the UK lists Gran Turismo 7 due to be released in a window around the console’s store release this Christmas season.

While gaming magazines working with guesstimated release dates is hardly anything new and as such would not be news-worthy, things are somewhat different when it comes to the OPM as Sony’s official publication could very well have exclusive information partaining a Sony-developed game for the new platform.

While the magazine’s release window apparently extends into the first months of 2021, having a Gran Turismo game this close to the console launch could turn out to be a major systems seller for Sony and a major trump card in their never-ending battle against the Xbox and their Forza Motorsport franchise, the latest edition of which was announced recently.

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