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Gran Turismo 6 – New Update Available

Polyphony Digital has released a new update for their Gran Turismo 6 Playstation 3 racer, introducing two brand new cars.

Polyphony Digital has released a new update for their Gran Turismo 6 Playstation 3 racer.

Aside from several small changes listed below, the 2.1 GB update introduces two brand new “Vision Gran Turismo” cars from Aston Martin & Nissan.

These fictional concept cars have become a popular trend in the Gran Turismo world as several manufactures have now designed concept cars for the title.

The two newest ones can be seen below, while the Aston Martin comes with a 800hp V12 engine, the Nissan uses a V6 bi-turbo hybrid setup with no less than three electrical motors.

Brake Caliper Paint

It is now possible to repaint the brake calipers on cars equipped with [Racing Brakes] purchased within the [Suspension] menu of [Tuning Parts]. Please note there are certain cars that cannot be repainted using this feature.

More Car Number Customization Options

More cars have been made compatible with the [Driver Number] feature in the [Garage]. There is also an increased selection of [Base] sheet designs on which the numbers can be displayed.

Engine brake reduction control on formula cars disabled

Engine brake reduction control that was active on certain formula cars has been disabled. This is a feature that helps you avoid spinning out from excessive braking forces generated by the engine while the throttle is in the off position. This was accomplished by slightly opening the throttle while cornering even with no input to the accelerator.

GT6 owners can update their installation by simply starting their Playstation 3 with the console connected to the internet. Gran Turismo 6 is available for purchase here.

Via GTPlanet

  • FatnSlo

    This update broke Multi-Monitor. Thanks PD for another untested update!

  • vcorp

    Nice update, really waiting for the “all update we are waiting for” the skid sound changes and a better engine sound, followed by removing the darkest effect while driving in coockpit mode!!! 😀

    • Roger Wallentin


    • Sylvain Villet

      and a decent clutch !

      • vcorp

        Agree too

  • Roger Wallentin

    Cool concepts! Looks like the new GT-R will move from cupe to supercar styling! Is it front or mid engine?

  • Mike Cantwell

    How is the sound coming along chaps?

    • PetrolheadDen

      My understanding is Kaz recently announced a bunch of tech speak about new methods but basically admitted that the sounds even for GT7 will be the same as PD is understaffed and all the fanbois at GTPlanet applauded how great it was he spoke of it, said everyone is too hard on Kaz because after all the poor guy is understaffed. Then a few said they couldn’t see anything wrong with the sounds as they are perfect as is and how evil the people who complain about sounds are. In other words, more of the same.*-

      • Mike Cantwell

        Well, the sounds are poor, but I have had some really enjoyable time driving with a G27 wheel. it is very good in that area. Shame. Now all I want is some Australian car content…..but….

      • PetrolheadDen

        I quite enjoy it myself even though I’m down to a DFGT and the fact the sounds are so bad makes it even more disappointing.