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Gran Turismo 6 – First Hour of Gameplay

Darin & Shaun of have uploaded footage of the first hour of gameplay of Gran Turismo 6.

The release of Gran Turismo 6 is a mere four days away and for those of you who need something to shorten the remaining waiting time, Darin & Shaun of have uploaded footage of the game’s first hour of gameplay.

Watch the guys play through the first races using the Thrustmaster T500 RS steering wheel below.

Gran Turismo 6 will come to the Playstation 3 starting December 6. featuring 1200 cars, 150 of which will be new to Gran Turismo.

As announced by Kazunori Yamauchi, the distinction between standard & premium models will remain, the cars ported over from Gran Turismo 4 will be slightly touched up to fit the new title better.

GT6 will also come with 33 tracks, with seven locations being all-new including Silverstone, the home of Nissan’s GT Academy competition.

  • Ghoults

    Very stupid that they force you to buy the honda fit as your first car… Nice sounds though. Sounds exactly like the vacuum cleaner I own. And I mean spot on!

    • Michel Forest

      That’s why I stopped bothering about GT. No interest in ordinary cars. I already own a boring street car.

      • Steve Shears

        Well theres others then just ordinary cars. And you likely own just one boring car and have made the sweeping statement they’re all bad. But think about it like this – In theory ordinary cars are the most interesting for physics (and by extension racing) because they’re not all geared for it. That makes them much harder to drive. And they’re all different for many reasons (that assumes the physics are accurate). But in a sim most racing cars are dull because their so planted and with exception of the Skippies and F1 cars, relatively easy to drive. For the cash, assuming the physics are a fairly good stab i think its a bargin.

      • Pablo Coronel

        The grace is that you can race with your boring street car at Nordschleife or Monza with your friends.

  • fonzie

    they should have tested the arcade section to get bigger cars in the first hour,

  • wajdi nujeidat

    Engine sounds are embarrassing and it has been awful from the first GT, almost 15 Years ago ! Sad!

    • Chris Wright

      Sadly so true and in many ways unforgivable, given that they never seem to respond with better sounds. I really think this may be the first version I skip. AC has made it pretty redundant as a survey sim by comparison. I really can’t face the long, turgid car collecting thing either.

  • Realkman666

    “Darin & Shaun of have uploaded footage…”
    Well, that article sure didn’t last very long.

  • The Dark

    will the real sim racers please stand up!
    are we really accepting this as “sim-racing”?

    I wish ISR took after their name these days like they used to when they talked about proper race sims.
    where was 1hr first gameplay with AC? or project cars? even 30mins oh cos its not finished? weak reason for people who say they are sim racers.

    oh well – let them get on with it. its their show.

    • Big Ron

      will the real sim racers please stand up!
      are we really accepting this as “sim-racing”?


      Eehhh, yupp. At least me. When it comes to driving a car, it´s not as bad as some let it look like. Of course, for pure sim racing-elitists it´s not a deal since lot´s of things are missing. But not everbody needs the hardcore stuff to be satisfied.

      • The Dark

        that is true.
        but is gt6 really “inside sim racing” or inside console racing?
        that was my point. for people who dont have consoles the past lot of episodes from Darin and Shaun may have been pretty useless.
        i dont think what we think of as sim racing has come to consoles yet even though it is simulating racing.

        i hope i am not an elitist for thinking this way 🙂 maybe purist would be better.

      • Big Ron

        Consoles don´t have the same type of sim racing the PC-platform is known for. They are more basic, or let´s say “differently orientated”. I don´t know much about Inside Sim Racing, but from what I´ve seen they do a good job, at least because they test a lot of games. On the other hand some are still missing, so it´s not very even. But I don´t think it´s bad to use either consoles or PCs. It´s about the racing games/ sims nd not about the platforms IMO.

    • Chris Wright

      Well said, just what I’ve been thinking.

  • PetrolheadDen

    Oh come on, give us someone we can actually watch and have some faith in. ANYTHING but these idiots.

  • Anonymous

    Imo the purpose of GT in racing game world is to lure youngsters into the hobby, so yes it is pretty, has tons of cars, sure it won’t up to seasoned sim racers “standard” yet it serves its purpose perfectly. I have introduced my 8 years old son to rF, rF2, pCars, AC he got bored in no time, yet he can play GT for hours with his friends. Only when he grows up and he’s still into sim racing I think that he can appreciate the more “mature” sim racing games.

    So please don’t expect or try to change GT into something it is not meant to be.

  • mjbonner70

    These guys and their show was the reason I got into Sim Racing. They have been doing this show for years and deserve our respect.

    Let me tell you, I’d wear an iRacing Tee too if it meant I could do what I love for a living.

    Their site is now pretty useful, and I always found the TWISR shows must watch when I started out.

    Just the fact that Sony and Microsoft have given these guys early consoles shows they are important.

    How many people read these posts? 1-200 tops? Get yourself an audience as big as theirs before you slag them off.

    • Realkman666

      They have been useless for years. Totally clueless and arrogant on top of it.

      • Francesco Kasta

        I wouldn’t put it in those aggressive terms as it’s easy to criticize and attack other people’s work and I don’t like to see members of our small community turn against each other.

        …but I agree that they are “not as influential as they used to be” and that their opinions always feel a little biased to me, one way or the other.

        Times change I guess.

      • Realkman666

        I understand what you mean, and Shaun looks like a nice guy, but I stand by what I said. Tom was a very valuable member.

      • Anonymous

        I donated to them once… 75 bucks… loved they’re show. Now, I think they’re well off the mark. Sorry I don’t mind the advertising, the tee’s… just tell me the truth!

    • Chris Wright

      Clearly you missed the fact, mentioned loud and clear on their show, that they had to ask the community for a spare XBOX One.

    • What

      “They have been doing this show for years and deserve our respect.”
      “Get yourself an audience as big as theirs before you slag them off.”

      The face that you are using those arguments to defend them says a lot about their content.

      • mjbonner70

        Just think they add something largely positive to this hobby. I enjoy most if what they do… And if a GT6 review gets more people into AC and RF2, whats the downside? I had a PS3 with GT5 strapped to my Visionracer rig then saw the light to PC based sims and these guys were part of my learning.

  • Gulyás Tamás

    Still VERY bad sounds ( I know, it’s boring already, but it’s true ), boring races, vs. huge numbers of cars, good multiplayer, and acceptable tire modell ( comparing to top PC sims) …

  • Weyland-Yutani

    I always feel sorry for Shaun in these vids, nice guy but Darin seems a bit of a jerk

    • PetrolheadDen

      More than a bit.

  • D_Cowen

    I can say that I have watched every single episode of InsideSimRacing and that it is thanks to Shaun, Darin and Jessica (I miss you Jess) that I have gotten as involved with simracing as I am today. That doesn’t mean that I agree with everything they say! They absolutely love what they are doing and it shows! Keep it up guys!

    I only race on the PC and I’m not planning on getting GT6. Sounds and never ending loading screens are the main turn offs for me. Plus I want to get into any car I want to, when I want to and work on improving its performance on the track, not drive hundreds of cars to get to it (or do it the arcade way). Still I am curious to see what is getting better and what is not. Who complained about sounds and features when GT1 or GT2 came out?

    • mjbonner70

      Totally agree. I’m of the same mindset… GT6 won’t do it for me. Jeez, I raced to level 34 I think in GT5 to try to race at Le Mans, then realised I couldn’t save it. No fun driving VW Polos, even in virtual reality with the sum always on.

      Know what my dream is? Porsche fall out with EA. Officually licensed 917 in AC. Now you’re talking.

  • Chris Wright

    Vastly more polished and better produced preview now up at VVV, nice one Alan!

    • Realkman666

      Wasn’t hard to beat, but I’ll check it out.

      • Chris Wright

        Actually there was rather too much talk about occasional dodgy frame rates for my liking. Going to sit this one out until there’s more feedback from the community. The vacuum cleaner audio is another deal breaker right now.

      • Realkman666

        I agree. Cool vid, though. They upped the resolution a little bit and it has hurt the framerate.

    • PetrolheadDen

      MUCH better!! Thank you Sir.