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Gran Turismo 5 – New Gameplay Video

Gran Turismo 5 – New Gameplay Video

Below’s a new gameplay video of Gran Turismo 5, taken at the GamesCom expo. Just like the first videos, it shows a race at the fictional Tokyo Route 246, the only track available in the playable demo.

Unlike the other videos, this is in HD quality and has sound, even though it is still filmed off a screen. Due to the rather loud surrounding noise, it’s not really possible to get a good impression of the game’s sounds – An area that has been a weakness in past GT titles.

Gran Turismo 5 will be bringing 1000 cars and over 60 tracks to the Playstation 3, including new features such as damage, weather and day/night effects. A release date for the newest part of the GT franchise has not yet been revealed.

  • moving-target

    9 AI drivers only, crashing into the player without braking…


  • DeadStar

    Just a Car Collection Game with Neat Graphics, The Gameplay has been done before and much better in PC Driving Sims, You can still reflect of walls to get better lap times and the AI is still dumb as a doorknob and hopefully the annoying music is no more. 🙁 :sad2: :angry:

    If I am going to spend 300 pounds on this, Sony and PD you have to do better than that as the the Graphics will get obsolete in 6 months of release and the car collection is negligible compared to the amount of mods available for the PC Driving Sims.