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Gran Turismo 5 – Le Mans Lap Video

Gran Turismo 5 – Le Mans Lap Video

Below is a new preview video of Polyphony Digital’s upcoming Gran Turismo 5 title for the Playstation 3, showing us a complete lap around the Circuit de la Sarthe.

Gran Turismo 5 will be bringing 1000 cars and over 60 tracks to the Playstation 3, including new features such as damage, weather and day/night effects. GT5 will be one of the first six Playstation 3 games to be available in 3D. The title will be out on November 2nd in the North & Latin America, the European & Japanese release will follow a day later.

  • Woodee

    looks quite nice. Wonder what the multiplayer will be like. I assume my G25 might work with it?

  • 07wtcc

    imho in FM3 this track looks better, but this is only my imho, so don’t nitpick

  • ggRonie

    it’s not a surprise you think that you Troll on every single GT thread you see here,why this one to be an exception?

    and as a F*cking troll you are your “Humble opinion” has zero value

  • ScHiRoCk

    Yes it will Woodee! 🙂

  • jimmy

    Very nice. I like the feeling of Mulsanne straight – in every rFactor version of La Sarthe Mulsanne straight seems too wide. When you see real onboard footage the track is quite narrow with high trees (and branches hanging above the track) around – and it creates almost a claustrophobic feeling at that speed. The same goes for Monza.

  • mykem

    Even as a GT fan and not so much Forza’s, I agree.  Forza’s approach to graphics is closer to Codemaster’s GRID, Dirt and F1 2010- higher contrast and texture, distinct use of HDR and overall very pretty.  GT is always more cleaner but a more minimalist and less stylish approach.  Where GT shines is in the car modeling and animation.  

  • 07wtcc

    calm down, can’t wait GT5 game like any other who like racing games

  • Skillcoil

    Wow the AI rocks. Remember when EA promised us a good AI like this in GT5 but it was a disaster.

    Finally I’ll be able to overtake without too much pressure and contact ><

  • ggRonie

    Yeah sure.. u C*nt


    Listen, i have no problem if you or someone else like better forza’s style dirt’s, grid’s or whatever…i do have a problem though with some P*icks -like the above- who jump from thread to thread for no other reason than trolling

  • paskowitz

    IMO GT5 graphics are more like PC sims than FM and the CM games. Its a clean sterile approuch, but in most cases that is what real life racing is like. While hard core PC fans can complain about stuff like physics and damage at least recognize that PD does some of the best track modeling out there, which is VERY important aspect of a “proper sim”. GT5 is the most PC sim like console game, yet people attack it with such vigor. rFactor 2 and the next GTR are a ways off. F1 2010 is about the only game I can think of that could possilby appeal to a site like this.

  • 07wtcc

    well, just gave tried this track in FM3 and should admit GT5 looks very good and very good looking lighting effects here too

  • 07wtcc

    what’s your problem kid? there is no need to make a religion from one or another game. there is more interesting thing in the world to live through 😉

  • Arnold-Carter Kingpong Wong

    I don’t agree, with that kind of resources, PD should do a much better job(I noticed some horrible mistakes on the modeling flow and mapping of few cockpits), textures aren’t good too. And for rF2 and new GTR, all I can say that there are certainly some areas on the graphics side are better than GT5, at least my cockpits kicked the  GT5 cockpits away already, and who knows there would not be even more detailed cars and extra features from the others? 😉

  • IonAphis

    True, GT5 has its merits, but graphically… wow, GRID foresaw the future… I barely see any difference between both versions.

  • jimmy

    …and nothing can compete with iRacing in terms of clean, realistic graphics.

  • MasterJulious

    Face, Meet Palm

  • Brolinklain

    also nothing can compete with iRacing’s pricey subscriptions


  • Jos

    gt5 is in its own graphics league.

    codemasters are master of bloom though.

  • Anonymous

    imho in FM3 this track looks better, but this is only my imho, so don’t nitpick’

    Do you even know what ‘imho’ stands for?

  • Gusztav

    Didn’t know that JGTC homologated that Calsonic Impul inclusive the Air Ride kit. 😉

  • jimmy

    Yep, that’s true 😀

  • SergeantBoner

    He didnt write about the cockpits, he wrote about the track modeling! And why do you keep boasting about your cockpits beeing better than anything else out there all the time? Sure they might be good but its a bit arrogant in your behaviour…

  • Tensor

    dunno JGTC, but 290 on the straight might be a little bit fast? 
    and iRacings gfx is just bad and done.

    and Arnold-Carter Kingpong Wong is a fake account.

  • Montoya

    He’s logged in using his Facebook account so the whole FB account would need to be fake..which is kind of unlikely, don’t you think? 

  • jimmy

    GT1 cars do 290 on Mulsanne straight but Japanese SuperGT500 cars have more downforce and drag IMHO so it’s a bit too much (IMHO). But GT500 car is generally quicker than GT1 car (in terms of laptimes) … but rather on a twisty circuit… dunno how it would be at La Sarthe.

  • jimmy

    And iRacing graphics is not bad, it’s sharp, smooth, detailed and realistic without any overdone effects.

  • totalO

    I don’t know what’s with all the fussin’ on these boards. I would think we’d all be fans of RACING and can appreciate and constructively critize all games for our OWN betterment. Video was great. Hard to tell what the graphics are like without a true video capture. Video camera won’t do justice most of the time. I will say I definitely like what I saw. was curious though that on the back straight when he drove in the dirt to pass it SEEMED like it didn’t affect his speed or anything. Gotta love a car with a built in mini-Keg on the dashboard LOL

  • free2game

    I don’t see what you mean, Iracing looks really bland, the colors look really off, the shadows are all flat, and there’s no realistic HDR. It’s not about getting the effects and just putting as much of them as you can in a scene. You can use pixel shaders, HDR, motion blur, etc and not even up with something overdone looking. When properly used they can make something look much more realistic. For example, a 45fps like motion blur, it would be very sutble, but bring the image close to what the human eye sees. Instead of doing the 12fps-like motion blur that a lot of games use.

  • racedriver

    Great video. I like how difficult it was in those gravel trap. AI also is good fighting for positions. Perfect cars as always, great lightning and immersive cockpit. F1 2010 and other games are ok but this is a real sim on consoles 😎

  • RKipker

    I agree, the cockpits look really crappie… as does the entire game. Your cockpits Arnold… are far Superior!

  • RKipker

    Is it just me or does this look really bad!  Maybe it was the Brilliant Color Setting on the LCD or the poor reproduction of the video, but looks very poor IMHO.

    And folks say F1 2010 looks crappie… well, video on this same page IMO looks much more realistic!

  • Samson

    it is just You!

  • lans

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