Gran Turismo 5 Delayed Until Holiday Season

No, the headline is no cruel joke of some sort, Sony has just announced that Gran Turismo 5 won’t be released at the beginning of November but has been pushed back to the holiday season.

A few days ago, Russian websites first posted news about another delay, Sony was quick to clarify that this would only affect the Russian version. This was obviously not the case as the heavily-promoted November release is now obsolete.

The official Playstation Blog has just posted this statement, confirming the delay:

We can confirm that Gran Turismo 5 will not be available this November 2nd, but the game’s release will be coming this holiday season.

We sincerely apologize to GT fans for the delay, however, creator Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital want to make certain they are creating the perfect racing experience, and we are confident that this ambitious game will exceed expectations when it launches.

We’ll have more information for you in the near future.

Update: Sony expects to announce a specific release date by the end of October.

Gran Turismo 5 will be bringing 1000 cars and over 60 tracks to the Playstation 3, including new features such as damage, weather and day/night effects. GT5 will be one of the first six Playstation 3 games to be available in 3D. The title will be out during the holiday season, no exact date has been announced.

  • Gérard

    Next Forza Motorsport will be available before GT5!!!! :)  

    I won’t never buy this GAME (Gran turismo has never been a simulation)

  • Philip Oakley

    If it makes GT5 better, I’m all for it   :)  I think maybe the release of Black Ops and Forza 3 Ultimate Edition maybe put Sony off a bit :)

  • felipe

    make clear thats not me! what an asshole!

  • felipe

    are you sure? I´m a big iRacing fan I´m a big rFactor fan and I´m a big GT5!

  • crampy

    omg how funny is that! lol

  • Vettel

    LOL, nice way to avoid further disappointing fans by saying it will be released in the holiday season. Yeah, which holiday season? Christmas? Easter? Next Summer holiday?

    Bad news for Sony to be delaying their best PS3 exclusive title, not good for PS3 sales I’m afraid.

  • jorge

    maybe in 2015…

  • Gaiajohan

    Polyphony was 3 days late…

    [quote][Kazunori Yamauchi's] reply was that the game was only three days late from their side, and that Sony has to decide what that means for the release.[/quote]

  • Gaiajohan
  • flowie

    In the year 2025,
    if simracers are still alive …
    they’ll be waiting for gt5 to arrive :)

  • Kenny Sutherland

    Are there people still playing Rfactor?

  • mf

    Looks like it’s more Sony’s fault than Yamauchi.

  • jayblue

    Wow i thought we were done with the delays for this game. Luckily yesterday i didn’t pre order my PS3/GT5 collectors edition combo, i was so close to making an order and wouldn’t have been happy today after this…

    I wonder what the real reason it has been delayed is – surely if people are buying Christmas presents a November release would have been reasonable? Now if they release before Christmas there will be a mad rush and Sony will need to make sure to cover off the sales or there will be some very unhappy people around!

    Its my opinion that Sony are taking the fans of the series for fools. When will they stop adding features to the game and just release it already? The PS3 as a gaming machine is already becoming old and its premier racing title hasn’t even surfaced yet.

  • Renagade

    And you think Forza is a sim … im on the floor crying as i laugh to much

  • fredbull


  • fredbull

    yep there are,two years ago i was racing in a championship online with … GTR1!!

  • 07wtcc

    Sony has nothing to lose. PS3 sells good. Forza 3 failed (even vs Forza 2). the things go well for Sony

  • GH

    To put things into perspective GT5 is the kind of game that will sell upto 10m copies before GT6 hits.

    The online community will be playing for years in huge numbers and the game will be expanded with DLC.

    Officially delaying the game for a few weeks and upseting self important, impatient fanboys/anti GT5 fanboys is neither here nor there for Sony and PD.

    They’ll be first in the queue when the games released!

  • retiisi

    If you think GT5 fanboys are first in the queue no matter what happen then what about those who are not so much fanboys.

    This isn’t few weeks delay anymore and I am sure that this is going to hurt PD and Sony – maybe not yet with GT5 but there will be less faith and more negativeness against PD and their future releases overall. I don’t know yet am I buying GT5 but I am totally sure that if Sony is trying to sell new PS4 with some GT6 hype, I will not eat that cake.

  • Marcello

    600 cockpits to build until holiday season… :-P

  • adrian

    less faith and more “negativeness” from those who actually care about release dates mean absolutely nothing.

    this game will sell millions of units regardless of the release date. most people will know about GT5 existence when they see it online and on store shelves. people like us who actually consider GT5 release date as “news worthy” are the minority of Sony’s customers.

    It will sell, and so will gt6 and anything PD releases.

  • opticalust

    They have to be losing money each time they push back the release date, and every time they do it’s just cutting into their profits. I’m sure they will still sell a bundle anyway, but profit margins do matter.

  • Mark

    Me bets there is more whiners about bugs they should have fixed rather than rushing a release than their is people a little disapointed they took the decision to hold back a bit longer to make things better.

    Damned if they do, damned if they dont.

  • Adam

    Hmm.. GT5 vs Duke Nukem Forever….
    Wonder which one will hit the stands first


    I hope your pre-order receipt from 2007 wasn’t printed on biodegradable recycled paper.

  • quicky

    yep, but as we are talking, some people are playing with the beta version m8…

  • f0xx


    I dont own a console but I think this game deserves the long wait, its going to be huge :)

  • Kenny Sutherland

    i just put 2 and 2 together and figured it out …….. AXL ROSE is handling the release of the game so you might see it come out in 10 years or so

  • Wesley

    hmm, i cannot make up where he says forza is a sim…

  • Stu

    The reason for the delay………….

    “The problem arose when SCE mandated SDK 350 on all games releasing after October,” reads the post. “GT5 was about to go gold running on SDK 341, but it has been delayed by around a week so that they can update to SDK 350.

    “This has caused a big headache for the manufacturing side, given how big this game is missing the gold date by even a week can cause a months worth of delay as slots are already taken up at this time of year for Blu-ray movies and such. So Sony had to find a three week slot big enough to make seven million+ copies of this and get them shipped out.”

  • Firestarter

    So those who said 2011 is right.

  • Stu

    Expected December, Sony are shuffling Blu-ray production.

  • Dave

    They have had years on this!!!!!

  • spliff

    i heard it’s coming in a bundle with the new duke nukem!

    hahahahaha! i’m glad i will never ever touch this shitty game. or consoles.

  • spliff

    lol, no. gt5 and tdu2 are kid stuff for arcadey consoles. rfactor2 and gtr2 are games for men! ;)

  • spliff

    no, that’s just not true. EVEN if i ever wanted to buy that crap, i would have skipped that plan months (years?!) ago because of those PR jokes and delays. that asian crap business could go bancrupt and i would even be happy.

  • spliff

    more than you, i bet. so what’s your point, internet troll?

  • spliff

    “better”, that’s funny :)

  • Stu

    There are still PC fanboys, who’d have thought it……….

  • dadada1

    Holy Cow !

  • Kenny Sutherland

    hmmm I might have to start racing on there again :-D

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