Gran Turismo 5 – Cockpit Verification & Two New Videos

It seems like the confusion about whether or not the 800 standard models in Polyphony Digital’s upcoming Gran Turismo 5 title will have a cockpit view is over as only the 200 premium cars have been confirmed to have interior view.

That means the majority of cars in Gran Turismo 5 will only be drivable from the bumper cam view that is known from older GT titles. Furthermore, the standard models don’t seem to have received a major graphical update as the first video below shows. Aside from the rather unimpressive graphics, the video also highlights on of GT’s biggest problems – Weak sounds.

Another thing that has finally been clarified is the different types of damage. All 1000 cars in GT5 will receive dents and scratches and damage will affect the physics off all cars. Deformable or dislocated body parts however are restricted to the 200 premium cars in game. The second video shows the title’s damage model in action, including some rollovers.

Gran Turismo 5 will be bringing 1000 cars and over 60 tracks to the Playstation 3, including new features such as damage, weather and day/night effects. GT5 will be one of the first six Playstation 3 games to be available in 3D. The title will be out on November 2nd in the North & Latin America, release dates for Europe and Japan have not been confirmed yet.

  • mattabater

    Almost every who says that doesn’t have a valid argument, :lol:

    JAGUAR1977: Most of the people who spout off on forums like this never play more than one platform, many don’t even have a drivers license.Some people have backed themselves into a corner and not moved with the times. Anyone who’s followed the GT series will know GT4’s physics were limited but enjoyable, GT5P took the series on tremendously while the GT5TT demo finally matched GTR2, HistoricX etc.

  • empii

    It’s nice for me to see some of the GT4-Cars I always wanted to see in GT5, as I never owned a PS2 and GT4 (Bentley EXP Speed 8, Audi R8, BMW V12 LMR…). Still a bit dissapointing, that they will not have the level of detail as the premium-cars have, but better than just 1000 highly detailed but boring roadcars like some Hyundais.

    On the other hand… The real dissapointing thing is, that GT5 Prologue already includes 70 cars… 70 of the 200 new, premium ones. So when you’re just interested in the new stuff… you already own a third of the contend with GT5P. And that’s REALLY annoying :(.

  • ScHiRoCk

    No cockpit view(okay, some cars do) is a big deal breaker for me.

    I mean, come on…

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