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gRally Goes Steam Greenlight With New Video Trailer

The gRally development team has released a first video trailer of their ambitious gRally project as the in-development title heads to Steam Greenlight.

The gRally development team has released a first video trailer of their ambitious gRally project as the in-development title heads to Steam Greenlight.

Made by the creators of, gRally is an independently-developed racing simulation that has been in development for several years now. The project is now kicking into higher gear as the creators are looking to get their game listed on Steam via the platform’s Greenlight process.

If you want to support gRally’s Steam bid, you can do so by voting for them here.

gRally is an Indie project born of the passion of the team crew.
With its slogan #DreamExperienceBelieve the team has put full faith in this product, the fruit of hard work in free time, wich it now offers to entire community of rally simmers.

gRally is not in a position to have official licenses at the moment and its starting point is a limited number of racing cars.

gRally, considered its Indie character, is modding-oriented. We developed integrated Unity tools that will facilitate the insertion of your creations, whether it be additional cars or tracks.

gRally has the same basic ideas of rbr-online, so expect exceptional doses of adrenaline during online session where one can compete against a host of players around the world.

gRally is abreast with all new gaming hardware: VR, TrackIR and multiscreen. It is possible to use the most popular brands of steering wheels and a vast number of home-made hardware devices.

gRally recreates the range of real rally conditions that drivers must face, including various type of surface and climate as well as diffenet times of day and night.

gRally places much importance on the co-driver’s role: as in a real rally it will be possible to realize real recce to set down customized pacenotes in order to achieve a higher degree of driving confidence and speed.

gRally is constantly evolving and has need of your support to improve ever more day by day.

  • anonymouse

    Old rF1 track mods look great in Unity Engine.

    Jeez, some are really old Japs Touge-style maps.

    • melanieuk1

      “Old rF1 track mods look great in Unity Engine.”

      I guess anything looks better than inside a Gmotor Engine, it actually looks like you are driving under the sun, like pcars and ac does so well, thanks to the modern Unity Engine of course in this preview.
      Joking aside, I think I will vote to green light them, has it does seem like they have finally made some progress by ditching, what ever graphics engine they was using in the past.
      The only thing I don’t like about the video is that annoying brake screech, and the invisible driver with no arms, that is so 2002, and wont cut it for VR users, as this title claims it will support VR.
      And what physic engine will they be using, I’m sure it cant be the old Richard burns rally engine, they would need a license for that, even though the company that created Richard Burns Rally doesn’t exist any more.

      • vilivili

        Invisible driver is okay for my VR

      • Richard Hessels

        Unity engine supports VR out of the box.

      • emilblixt

        They have built the physics engine themself from scratch.

      • anonymouse

        Unity is the poor men’s version of UE3/4. A sandbox (and free) engine that anyone can learn to use and be good at it.

        The physics are scratch made, but the 3D assets are imported from rF1 (the tracks for sure, I’m still conflicted about the Fiat 131, might be an old rF1 mod aswell or a conversion from Dirt3, not sure).

        That was the joke. Advertising a new game with assets partially “borrowed” from another game. There are some meshes that are indeed made by them (that clip on dirt under a bridge and the other with the giant game logo), but you would be smarter enough to not include stuff that may or may not be coming from somewhere else.

        Because it’s either that, or it’s just a giant coincidence that I recognized half the stages I teared down with my rally mod back in the days.

    • Filip Carlen

      That will hopefully be solved when it is realized and people start modding it. Some people have really high hopes for this being the next sim after RBR (some say DiRT Rally is, but those who don’t hopes this will be)

      • anonymouse

        I was among those that hoped this would’ve been the next RBR and as a modder I don’t really care, I have my own set of tracks and cars to import anyway.

        But then I received the NDA contract I was supposed to sign in order to join the closed test team and noped the hell away from that. I still have a copy around here somewhere, the stuff they want you not to talk about is astonishing (in a negative way) to say the least.

        Let’s wait and see. Until then, RBR is still the king.
        All hail the king.

  • Karton Lepenka

    My eyes are bleeding

  • Juhan Voolaid

    I think codies took that slice of pie already

  • Filip Carlen

    Not the best looking game, but it has pretty much all features and goals that I want in a rally game. Realism, fully modable, 24h simulation with working headlights, weather sim, online rankings, will have snow, ice, tarmac and gravel, and it isn’t done yet (they have talked about custom pacenotes by recce and cool stuff!), which means it will develop and hopefully become an awesome game!

  • delpinsky

    They are Italians, so they have my vote. But also because I love Rally 🙂
    I would have preferred they used the Unreal Engine instead of Unity though. This early stage video shows too much bright light, something that destroy the colour saturation and really make your eyes to bleed. Let’s see how the project evolves anyway. Forza ragazzi!

  • Glen Orpheus

    Well it may not look like much, but then nor does RBR, lets hope under the hood is were its at then the moders can get to work on the polishing (“,)

  • Rantam


  • T-Man

    Graphically that looks like Susan Boyle

  • emilblixt

    Voted!! The graphics may not be stunning but its a small team with limited resources. They have their own physics engine built from the ground up. If moders can improve upon it maybe it will take over where RBR left off. Here is an interview Jon Denton did with gRally’s Luca Giraldi back in 2014:

  • Alex Ventura

    Really interested to see how they will enable modding in a Unity game. Graphics-wise they can do a lot better without a huge effort, but physics-wise Unity can be a little bit limiting I guess.

  • Lower Level

    Voted. Cheers and good luck Gentlemen.

  • Agony

    let’s go back….to retro