GP2 2014 0.9.4 for Assetto Corsa – Released

Formula Corsa Modding has released a new update for their very popular GP2 2014 mod for Assetto Corsa.

The new update addresses various issues as listed below:


– Fixed random crashes 
– Added 2nd LOD model 
– Improved tire textures (dirt, normal maps) 
– Improved some graphical properties 
– Mirror fixes 
– Drivetrain fixes

Important: The download below is just an update, make sure to grab the initial release here.

The mod adds the popular Formula One feeder series to Kunos Simulazioni’s simulation, featuring the Dallara-built GP2 car and a full field of liveries.

This is just the start of things for FCM’s Assetto Corsa efforts as the team is also planning on bringing other open-wheel series to AC, including GP3 and Formula Renault.

  • Leeman

    Excellent. But, could you include some instructions on how to perform this update? There’s no “readme” file.

  • Leeman

    Excellent. But, could you include some instructions on how to perform this update? There’s no “readme” file.

    • BackMarker

      As a general call to all modders, some of us are not computer experts so having a readme.txt file with instructions on how to install or update your work would be very helpful!!
      : )

      • David Dominguez

        Good point, we take note 🙂

    • Matthew Arnold

      First extract the contents of this file “FCM – GP2 0.9.4” with 7zip or something like that.

      Then replace the old “gp2_2014_season” folder in “/Assetto Corsa”/content/cars/” with the new version “gp2_2014_season” folder which is in this download that you just extracted ( when prompted merge the two folders ). The new car now installed.

      The other folder in this download “ov1-f1-2014-hud-v0.9.1-beta” is just a new hud app which you can use if you want but its not needed.

      To install the hud app extract the “ov1-f1-2014-hud-v0.9.1-beta” folder, open it and copy the contents “apps” and “content” folders and paste them inside the main “Assetto Corsa/” directory, when prompted except the merger of the new and old files.

      Then when ingame just open the new hud app from the side bar app launcher thingy.

      • Leeman

        That’s great. Thank you. I was a bit impatient waiting for a reply and I “guessed right” regarding what I should do and how to install the update. But, it’s good to have the confirmation. When making a mod or skin or whatever I think it’s always helpful to include a “readme” file no matter how simple the instructions are. There’s always the possibility that someone with very limited PC skills are trying to use your mod. Thanks again for the help (and for the excellent mod). 🙂

      • HammerX

        Why would you merge the folders instead of just deleting the old version and drop the new version in the cars folder as a clean install?

      • BackMarker

        good question. I assume it could be done either way as a merge or a new install?

      • melanieuk1

        Merging or over writing might keep some old files, so installing it the way HammerX said is correct, it worked for me, brilliant scratch made content btw.

      • BackMarker

        Thanks, melanieuk1!

  • dangerscouse

    Looking forward to every update and all future open wheelers from you guys…for me this is by far the best car in sim…thx David and the team

  • Chris Wright

    The killer app, as far as I’m concerned. This is a wonderful mod.

  • F1Racer

    Damn this is a good mod. Been blasting around Silverstone and it really feels spot on. If this mod and the Cobra 427 is the shape of things to come then AC’s future is very bright indeed.

  • Christopher Trees

    Thanks for the videos. But you really need to learn to be smooth and consistent and the your times should tumble.

  • Luciano Pacheco

    Awesome mod!
    And I think this team need to be rewarded for their hard work on it! Donating soon.

  • Pablo Coronel

    Is from the former F1ASR right?

    • Marcel


  • OneDirection Dad 5/5

    The mirrors are the wrong way round..the left mirror shows whats on the right and the right shows the left.. Yes I have installed the update as well..

    • Chris Wright

      I would completely reinstall. Sounds like you have a legacy file kicking around in your system. It has definitely been fixed – works totally correctly for me.

  • Acm Prototipi

    Hi everyone, this car is great but…..when it turns, it tends to roll over! most of times the car turns on 2 wheels, probably it’s too light!

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