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GP2 2008 Series 0.9 – Released

GP2 2008 Series 0.9 – Released

Like promised, emerico and the Seniem Modding Team have released the 2008 GP2 Series for rFactor. The GP2 series features some of the most promising open-wheel talents, racing each other in equal, Renault-powered, cars. Version 0.9 includes all but three teams of the 2008 GP2 series season.

Furthermore, the mod includes alternative aero packages for Monaco and Monza, static arms and alternative tires. This version comes with base physics, version 1.0 will be coming with GP2 driver tested physics as well as the missing three teams and much more.

Download GP2 2008 Series 0.9 Here

  • motrol

    Nice car models and paint job. Sound seems to be very similar to CDTP 2005 F1 cars and a bit quiet.

    I drove for a few laps and noticed the rear of the car is very unstable at higher speed corners. I put max downforce and adjusted the suspension & ride height but it continues to lose grip. Is it because of the diffuser?

    Looking forward to v1.0.

  • Charls

    Hey, the mod is amazing but as motrol said, the car is very unstable. I put the TC at high, Grip full, all downforce I could rear and front and still.

    Even the computer spins all over the track (in my case SPA)lmao. You should check up that emerico besides that the mod is amazing. The details, sound could be better but it’s ok.

    Waiting the V.1.0!!! :mrgreen:

  • HoLz

    Those cars don’t have TC.

    The Mod is fantastic… few little things to do on the car skins, but that’s really unimportant for the nice driving feeling.

    I like the sound very much, but many do not… :mrgreen:

  • TT.Racer

    I like it a lot.. :mrgreen: ..But those big wheels 🙄

  • ApeX

    I love it :mrgreen: Tires and cockpit could be a bit better

  • Button

    Looks great! But please make physics for keyboard players!! 😉

  • Uff

    The mod is good, but needs improvements: cockpit has really low res textures, sound is strange and (as others pointed out) the car spins too easily at high speeds.
    Let’s hope to see these things fixed in v1.0! 😉

  • Uff

    I have to update my comment as I’m starting to enjoy this demo: in order to avoid sudden spinning you have to work on setup. It will give you good results! 🙂

  • HoLz

    Or change the .hdv. 🙄

    You are not able to drive online, but for you, the keyboard drivers a possibility.

  • RJC_pt

    keyboard drivers? playing sim? 😆 at least something analogic…
    Sometimes a mod can feel really bad, ie irrealistic( that said very litle people have the luck to know wow a single seater feels, exept a kart maybie 😆 ), but most the time you have to adapt to the car and not ask moders to ease up or adapt the car to you… 😉

  • Ragster

    but most the time you have to adapt to the car and not ask moders to ease up or adapt the car to you..
    The best statement ive read all year.!

  • bluboy

    great mod just have to find some more grip then it will be spot on,great work

  • h-tomek

    Does anyone know when will version 1.0 be released? Those with all the features, more realistic physics and tree missing teams. Or I missed it? Thanks in advance.