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GP2 2008 Mod – Preview Update

GP2 2008 Mod – Preview Update

During the last few days, Emerico has posted some new previews of his GP2 2008 mod for rFactor which can be found below. For the first time, we get to see a pack of cars on track as well as some new liveries.

The 0.9 version of the GP2 2008 mod is scheduled to be released soon, bringing us all cars and drivers of the 2008 GP2 series season.

  • Floptickle

    Looking forward! 😀

    Will the photoshop lensflare be included? 😛

  • Anonymous

    The Cars looking damn good. 😯

  • Semilost

    I hope this mod is in the HOF category since it has been previewed about every other day recently. Seriously, when is enough enough…? 💡