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GP2 2008 Mod – Change of Plans

GP2 2008 Mod – Change of Plans

Those of you waiting for the planned demo of Emerico’s GP2 2008 Series mod for rFactor can stop as Emerico has changed his plans a little.

After getting a lot of feedback from real GP2 series drivers, Emerico has decided to release a 0.9 version of the mod quite soon that will contain all cars and drivers and the physics created before the driver test. Version 0.9 is planned to be released this month.

Version 1.0 will include reworked physics based on the real-life data, higher quality skins and realistic helmets and is planned to be released in September. Below are the newest preview shots, giving us a close-up view of the steeering wheel.

  • Dave

    so 1.0 will be the best version why would anyone want the .9 with the crap physics and skins?

  • F1Racer

    Bacause theres nothing to say that 0.9’s physics and skins WILL be crap.
    jeez, unbelievable ingratitude.!

  • stabiz

    I think alot of Counterstrike-players have joined the simracing community lately.

  • Fabian

    this is just lol ^

  • Anonymous

    I already have it 😉

  • Jimmy

    This is great news, We get to play then when some guys with real idea of how these cars handle give there thumbs up we get to play even more!!!