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Go Karts – Previews

Go Karts – Previews

Adriano Augusto is working on a mod that brings a very important but still underrepresented branch of motorsport to rFactort – kart racing. Together with BR-Dev and the Brazilian rFactor community, Adriano is aming to provide the best kart eperience possible with the rFactor engine.

Even though karts are not the very much in the focus of the media attention, theyΒ΄re the starting point of almost every open-wheel racer career as almost all Formula One world champions have started their career in a kart.

  • Darman

    Doesn’t rF have a kart mod already? πŸ™„

  • stabiz

    So … what you are saying is that if you get laid once, thats it? No reason to do it again?

  • navalhawkeye

    Don’t we already have 50 F1 mods too?

  • FooAtari

    Too many F1 mods IMO. There are 3 for some seasons! Would be better if some mod teams directed their welcome efforts on other seasons or motorsports.

    IMO, we don’t yet have the best kart mod possible, hopefully this can live up to the potential πŸ™‚

  • F1Racer

    I’m not convinced we have the best F1 mod yet either.
    Mod teams can do what they want regardless of the content already out there.
    Its a free world and the mods are free so don’t complain.

  • Adriano Augusto

    Hello Darman.
    i hope make other kart mod dont be one heresy to you.
    I guarantee that this mod will be very different than others kart mod’s, and hope you like it.
    best regards

  • Rodolf

    It sounds great!

  • Anonymous

    Formel A, Intercontinental A/Eurokart, Kart Racer, Superkart Challenge – underrepresented? πŸ™‚