GO-GO Multi Function Gaming Chair – SRT Video Review

Back in August, I posted a story of OMGIGHO’s GO-GO Multi Function Gaming/Rocking Chair. Back then, the guys were looking for funding through Kickstarter to get their innovative project going.

The guys have been very busy since then as Darin Gangi & Shaun Cole have now reviewed their unique product in their newest hardware review video:


  • http://www.crashs-tests.fr/ CrashedDummy

    That’s a really good concept. Too bad it’s that expensive :/

  • ddd

    I dont like when u racing cockpit move … bad I dont like this idea

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000119964258 Tomas Beha

    Wobble is a NO-GO, I love the concept, though 🙂

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