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GMC RTS 88 Bus 1.0 – Released

GMC RTS 88 Bus 1.0 – Released

The Wing Modding Team has released their GMC RTS 88 Bus mod for rFactor, giving sim racers a very unusual vehicle to race with.

The mod includes the GMC RTS 1988 both with real-life physics and as fictional racing version using a 1043hp engine. The package also includes modified tracks to suit the large busses, templates to paint up your own versions are also available for download.


– GMC RTS 1988 Real physics (331hp engine and open diff).
– GMC RTS 1988 Racing physics (1043hp engine and locked diff).
– Real life and fantasy skins.
– ISI modified tracks (Grids and pits suitable for big vehicles)*.
– Body and rims template.
– Sounds from Truck Racing Series mod.

Download GMC RTS 88 Bus 1.0 Here

Download GMC RTS 88 Bus Templates Here