GameSTUL! HomeRevolution – Video

We`ve already seen a bunch of multi-purpose racing rig solutions and here’s the newest one from Russia – The GameSTUL! HomeRevolution.

The GameSTUL! can be used as an ordinary office chair or be turned into a racing rig in just ten seconds.

Four years of development have gone into the chair, resulting in two patents. More info can be found on the (Russian) GameSTUL website.

  • Anonymous

    crazy russians! 🙂 awesome stuff!

    • sandx

      Not crazy, smart Russians!!!!

  • Sergey Yashin

    pretty good but my slightly bigger wheel rim of my G25 won’t fit there for sure….

    • Samokat

      on GameSTUL! HomeRevolution easily installed fanatec club sport and thrustmaster t500rs the other shelf

      • Dmitry Shkeirov

        what about 320mm & 350mm steering wheels?

      • Alexander Kazmin

        When folded, there is a place in the larger diameter wheel. For T500RS need another shelf. If this fanatec club sport steering wheel is removed when folding.

  • Matt Orr

    It’s like a 5000% cooler version of that ohmigogo thing or whatever it’s name was.

  • Krisztián TĂłth

    The FOV…!

  • Jos

    I cant read russian :/

  • Jorge Azcoitia

    I don’t know about heel and toeing there. Looks like his knees are going to hit the wheel beams support as soon as he tries to lift his leg to get into position.

    • Alexander Kazmin

      the slope of the pedals can customize yourself

  • Anonymous

    I was fully on-board until I ran the rubles to US$ conversion… o_O

  • Tomas Beha

    Redefining “wheelchair”, but FOUR years of development ? Looks like it does the job, but it sure ain’t pretty…

    • Giovanni Scala

      Tech beauty 🙂

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