Game Stock Car vs. Formula Truck – Video Comparison

FTRRacingTv has put together a very interesting video comparison, showing off the graphical strides made by Reiza Studios in their newest title.

The video shows a lap around Interlagos both in Game Stock Car 2012 and the newly-released Formula Truck title that comes with various graphical refinements.

Despite working with the trusted gMotor2 engine, Reiza always manages to squeeze out just a little bit more out of the platform.

  • jotaf1df

    Good changes! But the dark area on top of the green and yellow stripes
    is strange and unrealistic, it is also very dark. Thanks for the update.

  • David Wright

    Lets be honest. In terms of graphics, Simbin squeezed far more out of gMotor2 back in 2006. Sun, rain, animated drivers, pitcrew and marshalls, racing line that gets darker as you race with marbles appearing off the racing line.

  • Alex Sawczuk

    It’s good to see the shoddy video quality from youtube butchers the improvements with a wildly swung cleaver axe.

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