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Game Stock Car – Patch & Track Pack Available

Game Stock Car – Patch & Track Pack Available

Reiza Studios have released the patch for their Game Stock Car title that was released back in July, fixing various glitches and adding a bunch of new features to the title.


[General] Added support for G27 LEDs;
Fixed bug that could cause Game to freeze in multiplayer when going from qualifying to race;
Fixed bug that could cause game to freeze at the end of the track loading screen;
Fixed warm-up functionality in multiplayer (even though the real Stock Car series dont run a sunday warmup);
Updated D3D9.dll do minimize issues with some OSD display tools (such as FRAPs);
Added in-game support for custom skins (in showroom menu);
Fixed some UI glitches;
Added support for 3rd Spring settings in Garage 2 (for future add-on cars);
Added series selection option in main menu (for future add-on cars);

[Rules] Removed rule that forced a pitstop before lap 20;
Adjusted parc ferme rules to allow fuel and brake adjustments before race;
Increased formation lap speed to 100 km/h;
corrected maximum refueling capacity at pitstops to 35l (as per real refuelling tanks);

[Tracks] Accuracy of fuel consumption estimate improved in several tracks;
Adjusted cutting detection at Salvador chicane;
Various AIW improvements;
Fixed no speed limit indication at Santa Cruz;
Fixed mesh hole inside the S of Londrina;
Several adjustments to minor graphical glitches.

[Cars] Fixed Thiago Marques skin;

[Physics] Several small adjustments to perfect handling accuracy following new data and driver feedback – better braking stability, less chance to lock the wheels under braking, smoother traction, improved turn-in grip, better cold tire behavior (despite changes, laptimes are expected to remain the same);
Added AI tire wear;
Fixed problem that could cause some PCs to slow down at slow speed;

[Sounds] Lowered minimum volume for opponent´s engines;

[Localization] Added support for french language;
Fixed some errors in portuguese and english translations.

Furthermore, the team has already released a free track pack, adding new layouts to the six of the title’s tracks:

-Brasilia Full Course;
-Curitiba External Ring;
-Interlagos Chicane Café;
-Jacarepaguá Curva Sul;
-Londrina 2009;
-Velopark 2011.

Download Game Stock Car Patch Digital Version Here

Download Game Stock Car Patch DVD Version Here

Download Game Stock Car Track Pack Here