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Game Stock Car – Now Available!

Game Stock Car – Now Available!

Reiza Studios have released their Game Stock Car title, bringing the 2011 Stock Car Brasil season to the PC!

Like the titles from Simbin & 2PEZ Games, Game Stock Car uses ISI’s trusted gMotor 2 engine. The title includes 34 V8-powered cars that can be driven on 10 Brazilian tracks. Also included are some all-new features such as a dynamic cockpit view and proper simulation of the series’ push to pass feature.

Launched in 1979, Stock Car Brasil is Brazil’s major auto racing series. Currently backed by two manufacturers, Chevrolet and Peugeot, the series uses V8-powered race cars that reach top speeds of up to 270kph. The series has featured numerous popular Brazilian drivers including Christian Fittipaldi, Raul Boesel, Ricardo Zonta & Luciano Burti.

Every sim racer can try the title for free for 30 minutes, follow the link below to download Game Stock Car. Once the trial is up, a serial number can be bought for $29,90.

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