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Game Stock Car Extreme – Version 1.20 Released

Reiza Studios have released the much-anticipated 1.20 update for their Game Stock Car Extreme title.

Reiza Studios have released the much-anticipated 1.20 update for their Game Stock Car Extreme title.

The free 1.20 update for Game Stock Car Extreme introduces the Formula Extreme, Reiza’s fictional take on the 2014 Formula One rule set as well as the nimble Formula Vee.

Furthermore, players also get their hands on two more brand new tracks as both Buenos Aires and the Austrian Spielberg track. For all the other changes in this major release, please refer to the changelog below:

Main changelog for v1.20:



  • Added Stock Car V8 2014 season to Stock Car V8 series
  • Added Formula Extreme series
  • Added Formula Vee series
  • Completed full Formula V12 field + updated graphics


  • Buenos Aires (4 layouts)
  • Spielberg (2 layouts)
  • Spielberg Historic

Features & fixes:

  • Added DRS functionality + rules (for F-Extreme / f-Reiza)
  • Added multiple qualifying rules (F1 style / Stockv8)
  • Added option to restrict prime / option tire compound selections per track
  • Adjusted StockV8 tire change rules so only 1 tire is changed at a time as per real rules
  • Revised tire physics on all cars in preparation to new tire model features currently in development
  • Added multiple tire compound options with corresponding tirewall colors to F-Extreme / F-Reiza
  • Adjusted dirty air physics for more realistic behavior
  • Adjusted engine cooling properties in all cars
  • Adjusted AI performance for wider range specially in lower strentgh settings, and more consistency all around from track to track, series to series
  • Fixed bug with AI performance discrepancy from quali to race (RaceQualRatio=XX parameter now works in AIW files, lower than 1.0 value will result in slower qual times relative to race, higher values will do the opposite. By default AI should be about 2% faster in quali; remains an issue with AI being too quick in practice sessions)
  • Increased rearview mirror resolution for all cars
  • Corrected FOV / POV + tv cameras to the same standards for all cars
  • Updated rumble sounds to be more “bassy” on all cars (for Buttkicker and other similar systems)
  • Adjusted trackside cameras in all tracks for more realistic framing / tracking
  • Adjusted some inconsistent road & terrain properties, fixing some overdone high frequency bumps
  • Various environmental / lightining enhancements (new skies / fog and other updated shaders);
  • Introduced new Foliage shader which looks better & is more optimized to provide performance boost
  • Added 3d tyre lods at Granja Viana to help ease performance issues
  • Added 3d Armco at Interlagos

Known issues:

  • The F-Extreme ERS system has been simplified for this release – basically, the battery is fully charged all the time and the power blending still needs work, meaning the driveability under throttle is not quite what it should be yet;
  • The AI for the F-Extreme does not use 8th gear or DRS;
  • The hard compound for the F-Extreme & F-Reiza does ot have its proper grey Pirelli sidewall label.

Version 1.20 is currently available as update only. Customers who don’t have Game Stock Car installed should make sure to grab version 1.15 from the official website first.

[boxdownload]Download Game Stock Car Extreme Version 1.20 Update Mirror 1 Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Game Stock Car Extreme Version 1.20 Update Mirror 2 Here[/boxdownload]

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