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Game Stock Car Extreme – New DLC Previews

Reiza Studios have released new previews of upcoming DLC content for their Game Stock Car Extreme titles.

Reiza Studios have released new previews of upcoming DLC content for their Game Stock Car Extreme titles.

The new previews give us a close look at the brand new Formula Vee Brazil, one of the new car classes coming to Game Stock Car.

Furthermore, we can also check out two new tracks as the previews show off the Red Bull Ring in Austria as well as the Buenos Aires track.

All content will be released as free DLCs for existing Game Stock Car Extreme owners.

  • Big Ron

    Pretty impressive how big the package is growing. To my shame, I´ve only got GSC 2012 and Formula Truck. But both are great.

  • ftrracingtv

    whens the Metalmoro MRX Prototype coming

  • Me

    Digging that Skip Barber looking car, can’t wait!

    • Niels Heusinkveld

      The Skip Barber is a lot more modern than the Formula Vee, which is basically a dressed up (or down) VW Beetle with 1930s suspension! 🙂 (that, if possible, makes it even more fun though!)

  • Steve Bird

    Its just a pity that 90% of the servers seem to be locked and the other 10% are empty. Bought GSC about a month ago and haven’t managed to get a single race online.

    • kenpat .

      Have you tried Race department they have online races.

    • Phill Routledge


      our league runs an average of three races online with this sim a week. Head over to for details mate 😉

    • TC

      Like Rfactor 1&2. They’re League Sims, basically.

  • Steve Shears

    Amazing DLC and some great user tracks too.

  • Guilherme Silva

    I dont know iff it’s the color palette that they use on these tracks or something else, but i think they look a bit “cartoonish”. (maybe the problem is simply the engine though)
    Also they do a great job making the tracks as acurate as possible, but nothing compares to Laser Scaning wich is a feature that this title really misses.

    • Leeman

      Yes, I’m sure it’s the dated engine. They’re doing the best they can with it and it looks better than anything else still using this engine. Cartoonish is a bit harsh. It’s not pCars or AC, for sure. And, you’re not likely to see Laser Scanning either (especially for free DLC) but I don’t think it’s absence is a glaring hole in this sim.

    • pcarsphyxexpert

      I simply don’t agree….for example, I consider GSCe tracks to be better than AC’s as AC’s despite being lazer scanned are very flat and 2D vs the chunkier 3D versions in GSCe, same with Iracing.

      • lullilulli

        I have to agree. In general GSCe tracks drive and look way better than AC ones.
        I’m used to iR laser scanned tracks, but Reiza tracks are so good that I don’t miss the laser scan.

      • Guilherme Silva

        Well but you prefer to drive on a overbumped track or one that represents it with milimiters of acuracy?
        What I’m traying to say is that if the track surface ins’t rough in the real world, so shouldn’t be in the sim. It may add more “feel”, but I’m really looking for realism in a Simulator.

    • Renato Simioni

      The “cartoonish” look you refer to is possibly due to the limited lightining resources from the graphics engine. I always find however that GSC (as well as FTruck) looks *a lot* better when in motion. There is something about the simplified consistency within the environment that makes it work just fine, relative to a more complex graphics engine in which the extra bells and whistles maybe aren´t as finely balanced. I have no problems jumping back to GSC from AC or iRacing (which are the two best looking sims in the market from my perspective, though for different reasons). Not that we would pass up on some extra bells and whistes mind – we´ll get there in time 🙂

      Regarding the tracks, I disagree – laser scanning is unquestionaly the best way to render an accurate 3d model, but race tracks are lively things – a bump on the surface that was there one year might not be on the next, this not even factoring constant reforms most tracks go under which we wouldnt be able to keep up with if we were restricted to a laser scanning policy (not to mention the historical tracks). Looking at it from a cost-benefit perspective, both from the developer´s as well as the end user, you can do 20 tracks with a budget that might only allow for 5 laser scans – it´s a no brainer IMHO, specially if you have ace modellers who can make the difference negligible 🙂

      • Guilherme Silva

        I totally agree with you, GSC definitily doesn’t get behind it’s “rivals”. I got to say that when wrote my first comment I had in mind “oh iff they do this, GSC would go from aweasome to perfect!”
        And is good to see that you took in consideration what a fan had to say about your own tittle, only got to thank you for both the attention and the great Sim that you guys developed 😀

  • rauf00

    My money ready to spend, imo currently best working title, worth every penny.
    Handling and ffb simple amazing, tons of mods (cars tracks).

    • Leeman

      “tons of mods”….Really? Please point me in the right direction because I’ve found precious little for this game. I found a couple good mods but quality tracks seem to be very few and very far between. I’d love to get my hands on some high quality (and more famous) tracks. I agree with your comment about handling and FFB, however. Both handling and FFB are terrific (and so is the AI). This sim is the best bang for your buck on the market today and more free content coming. Can’t wait.

      • rauf00

        Well, true ab. quality, thats why we want to pay for pro content, but still lot of fun with user created! I found mine on and some Italian fan site, easy catch.

      • Frank Mikolajczyk

        Mikks Server is open 4 all, daily 18:00 GMT, with a fine GT3 MixxMod, check it out:

      • Phill Routledge

        Sim Racing Australia has an even more extensive download database for mods, tracks and plugins for GSC2012 / 2013 / Extreme leeman.

      • wertwertindeburt

        If you don’t have it yet, get the blancpain endurance mod NOW. a little hard to find a dl link but it’s worth it

      • Leeman

        yes, that’s one of the ones I was able to find. probably the best one out there.

  • Leeman

    This looks great but the biggest question is……WHEN? Really looking forward to the new content.

  • Jim. C

    Cannae wait to drive Austriaring.

  • Matt Orr

    That Formula Vee is going to be epic fun, I guarantee you that.

  • Phill Routledge

    Keep up the good work Renato and your team!

  • RichardHessels

    X-mas comes right after Easter this year…

  • RKipker

    These guys just keep on giving…. starting to feel guilty! THANKS REIZA

  • pcarsphyxexpert

    GSCe has some of the best mix of physics and FFB of any sim I own, the tracks also look rather good at times, the only letdown for me is small carlist.
    I still say it’d be awesome if we could run the V8SC with full boost at all times and the Camaro have an adjustable diff so we could use more than 4 of it’s 6 gears….