Game Stock Car 2012 – Telemetry Comparison

Reiza Studios have something really interesting and unique, showing us a telemetry comparison between their simulation and a real life race car.

The graph below shows a lap around Interlagos in the Mini Cooper that was introduced with the 2012 upgrade pack.

Shown in the graph are both speed and RPM of the real and virtual car as the figures match up quite closely.

  • F1Racer

    See, now that’s just showing off !  🙂     Impresive.

  • Ricoo

    It looks promising. 🙂

    I hope the mini will be soon released.

  • myName

    What’s amazing though is that even if the track is not laser scanned the corners and straights seem to match really well. And weather as well 🙂

    • Alexandre Martini

       i don’t see how they can do that with all the variations you can have in temperature and all… not counting what you pointed out… track geometry can’t be this accurate, can it?

      • Anonymous

        googlemaps for layout then lots of reference pics/videos + telemetry data from the same car for bumps elevation etc.. why would it not be as accurate ?
        Also they can match the track temperature etc from the time they took the telemetry.

      • Anonymous

        I believe there isn’t a track at all… Remember those videos where you see an engine in a bench being feed a pre-recorded input?

        I don’t it’s crazy to think this graph is from something similar… A sim car model which is feed the previously recorded real lap input.

        We’re looking at engine RPM and speed, which is is calculated at the gearbox as far as we know.

        Anyway, I’m impressed how time after time Niels’ physics are validated against data from actual cars.

      • Alex Sawczuk

        It is track data. Interlagos Chicane I think.

      • Anonymous

        Cool, thanks for the confirmation!

      • Anonymous

        You would need some data points to determine track data. Acceleration and corner speeds aren’t enough to determine that. Shows they’ve got at least a pretty competent replica, but without seeing ride heights and what not it doesn’t tell us much more.

        Still, quite a nice matchup, they must be doing something right.

  • Niels Heusinkveld

    There may have been a headwind on the straight or perhaps we have a slight elevation inaccuracy, as the sim is too fast in 5th gear there. I could’ve let go of some throttle in the sim for an even better match.. But we’re not a marketing department, so this is just a fast / smooth lap in the sim that turned out to match data very well rather than a sim lap trying to drive so it matches the data. If that makes sense!

  • Theroro29

    ”  in the Mini Cooper that was introduced with the 2012 upgrade pack. ”

    Where is Mini Cooper?

    • zerez86

      unfortunately not released yet.

  • hoodge1

    Dam good sim. Just got it 3 days ago and the feel and fun factor is amazing. Another great modding team gone full game development. Or should I say sim. Not game. My bad. Mini cooper? Oh ya can’t wait.

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