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Future F1 Games – Codemasters Interview

Future F1 Games – Codemasters Interview

A few weeks have passed since Codemasters has posted the winning bid for the official Formula One gaming rights for the next five years. First info starts to come in as the official Formula one website released an interview with Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens.

The interview includes some interesting info, some bits a rather worrying though. Asked about the time pressure to release the first game within a year, Cousens replys that basics from GRID will be used including car dynamics and handling.

Furthermore, he states that Codemasters wants to make the games “incredibly exciting, a real adrenaline rush”. I have to admit that quite some time has passed since I last watched a full GP. But, incredibly exciting does not sound like real F1 to me.

Cousens closes with the statement that Codemasters’s past games “have been very heavily weighted towards simulation”. It’s for you to decide whether you agree or not…..

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