FSONE 2009 – More F60 Renders

FSONE has released a bunch of new renders, showing the Ferrari F60 model for their Formula One 2009 mod for rFactor.

Following their well-progressed FSONE 2008 mod, FSONE 2009 will include all cars and drivers of the upcoming Formula One season which starts in Melbourne this March.



  • Tifose

    Nice work!!! can’t wait guys

  • Vkt

    codex :arrow: FTW!

  • pascaljackson

    do they have a partnership with the dubious modder team f1rft ?

    anyway it looks even now quiet nice, hope they gonna spend mutch time into physics

  • Mitos

    I hope, they have a partnership with the MMG. But, I don`t need fool`s 2009 season. I need qualitative F1 2008 with aerodynamic pack. Firstly for R28!

  • JGoenR

    pascaljackson>> that link you gave is not RFT website. That’s F1RL and they are doing their own 2009 mod. Nice renders. :)

  • pascaljackson

    ooops :D

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