FSONE 2009 – Ferrari F60 Renders

Even though the cars of the upcoming Formula One season are considered by many to be the most ugliest creations since ages, 2009 Formula One mods are popping up left and right in the sim racing community.

A very notable approach comes from FSONE. While most of the team is busy finishing the team’s 2008 F1 mod, work on the 2009 season has already started as the team has released these two renders of the Ferrari F60 below.



  • Siggs

    Ooh! :tongue: A quick response to those ‘League only’ mods :wink:

  • tarnakman

    the most ugliest creations since ages”?
    i consider this Ferrari the most beautiful since more than 10 years
    no aerodynamic gimmicks stuffed all around.. just a pure F1 like the good ol days.
    the driving skills will be required much more from now

  • http://www.dks-f1racing.com bg-ai3

    wow, if this is for real fsone could be on top as mod making is concerned. 2008 and 2009 f1 mods released in same year…..good luck guys at fsone, hope it all comes out good. mmg is going to hav to step its game up.

  • Vkt

    Go Codex GO! :happyevil:

  • Mitos

    Mod of terrible season. For what?

  • stabiz

    How the peep do you know that?

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