FSONE 2008 – Renault R28 Renders

F1Racer has made a set of four high-resolution renders, showing the Renault R28 which is part of the FSONE 2008 Formula One mod for rFactor.

Driven by Fernando Alonso and Nelson Piquet Jr., the R28 had a rough start into 2008 but turned out to be a race-winning car as the season came to an end. Click the image below to enjoy the beautiful renders.


  • Mitos

    Not bad! But can U to answer me – What about aerodynamic pack?

  • http://www.fsone.es KIKONI

    All aerodynamic 2008 pack , will be included in a mod .

  • stabiz

    That car looks good, and I mean the original too.

  • Ryan Gilmore

    I must admit. That FSONE is getting back to how it was in the good old days. Nice little project and its now reaping rewards :) Good work guys

  • Dillyracer

    I just hope it won’t bottom out as hard as the previous mods did, something like the MMG mod would be great.

    Renders look nice.

  • http://www.livevideo.com/media/playvideo_fs.aspx?fs=1&cid=3ADE7EB76C944E73A39997F2B1A25194 Pugamall

    Looking Forward to this :happy:

  • http://www.fsone.es KIKONI

    We hope be great … i think so

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