FSONE 2008 – Renault Cockpit Previews

The FSONE crew has brought the Renault R28 model into the game and released these previews, showing the car at Monaco from the cockpit view.

FSONE 2008 will bring all cars and drivers of the 2008 Formula One season to rFactor.



  • JGoenR

    Nice R28, but steering wheel is not from 2008 season. :weird:

  • Mitos

    Of course. FSONE is rFt number two. Wheel from MMG 2007.

  • http://www.fsone.es GGSF1

    @Mitos: Before talking you should know what are you talking about. The wheel is from FSOne 2007 and was made from scratch by myself. Look here… http://www.virtualr.net/drop/images/838220suzuka_onboard.jpg
    …then compare them and you will see you are wrong.

    @JGoenR: Soon there will be 2008 wheels, you can see a preview of the Renault wheel here: http://www.virtualr.net/fsone-2008-more-steeringwheel-renders/

  • Mitos

    Hahaha ok Then, what about aerodynamic pack? Will it be? For R28, for example.

  • maxs

    Hahaha for you of course if you pay for aerodynamic pack 25 bucks per car to FSONE acoount :tongue: any other wishes ? the price doesnt seems to be high when talking about F1 :tongue:

  • maxs

    FSONE is rFt number two :question: :ooo: :ooo: what a bullshit :weird:

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