FSONE 2008 – Helmet Model Previews

After showing us the first car renders, Codex has now released some quite stunning previews showing the helmet models for his FSONE 2008 Formula One mod.

The mod will bring the complete 2008 Formula One season to rfactor, being the third edition of the popular FSONE series for rFactor.


  • Bjorn

    About time with a Schuberth helmet in the FSone mods!

  • Anonymous

    Just like MMG FSONE always sucked. It was never a good mod and will never be…

  • Anonymous+

    They are both better than that F1RFT mod

  • Anonymous++

    Anonymous, you’re like one of these party crashers who has to turn up at every MMG or FSOne event.

    I`ll be if you woke up tomorrow morning with nothing to do, by the end of the day, you’d still only have it half done.

    oops, maybe I shouldn’t taunt a wise soothsayer. :roll:

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