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Free Gran Turismo App for iOS Released

Polyphony Digital has released an official Gran Turismo app for iOS devices.

Polyphony Digital has released an official Gran Turismo app for iOS devices.

The app is basically a digital version of the “Beyond the Apex” book that was part of Gran Turismo 6’s Limited Edition, containing information on all the cars and tracks within the game.

Being available for free on iTunes, the app comes in various languages and contains plenty of interesting technical data & facts that may very well be useful for non-GT6 gamers as well!

The app is available in various languages and includes data on all cars & tracks that were part of Gran Turismo 6’s initial release in December 2013, an Android version of the app is not in the making.

The free Gran Turismo App can be downloaded here, Gran Turismo 6 is available here.

Via GTPlanet

  • Lauri

    Knew it! I don’t get this why some developers don’t make Android version at all. It has the biggest market share.

  • Sylvain Villet

    Sony is selling Android smartphones, Android tablets and PD has released an iOS app… WTF

    • Al P.

      Well, this isnt the first time PD does odd things this pass decade..

      • Skytrill

        Such as promising better sounds and amazing AIs 🙂

  • Richard Pittam

    I don’t really understand the lack of an Android version too but, I have to say this looks like a welcome app from a car enthusiast’s point of view. I’m still not into the game though.

  • Marcel

    I hope they also make it for Android. I have bought the GT5 Collectors edition and liked the book

  • Pablo Coronel

    iOS FTW 🙂

  • IAussie Gamer

    Also note this is only available on the US store and not here in Australia

    • Mike Cantwell

      No so. Got it yesterday. Live in Brisbane 🙂