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Free DIY Sim Rig Guide by Niels Heusinkveld

Niels Heusinkveld has released a guide on how to build your own sim rig on the cheap.

Niels Heusinkveld is always keen to share his knowledge with the sim racing community so following lots of tutorials on physics creation, Niels has now released a guide for building a DIY sim rig.

Niels’ rig can be seen in many of his physics preview videos and his guide allows you to build the same kind of rig Niels provided that you have basic DIY skills.

A video and the guide itself can be found below, the rig can be build on the cheap as Niels estimates a price of around 75€ to build the complete rig.

[boxdownload]Download Free DIY Sim Rig Guide Here[/boxdownload]
  • Anonymous

    Very nice guide! Thanks.

    Really well detailed. Will have to build one over the long winter months.

    Btw what type of monitor would you recommend Niels? Something with low input lag ie Niels approved!

    • Berney Villers

      What do you consider to be low input lag? Some LED televisions can go as low as 6ms in gaming mode. To give a point of reference, most games output at 60Hz, or 16.6ms of lag for each frame refresh cycle, and that it takes 50ms for an image to be translated from eye to brain. It takes 350ms for an average eye blink.
      Some people claim that anything more than 2ms of monitor lag is unacceptable but I would be willing to bet that almost no one could tell the difference between 2ms and 6ms.

      • Niels Heusinkveld

        When LED is the type of backlight used, it has no influence on lag, which is due to the monitor / tv image processing that takes place.

        I have the iiyama e2710hds, but recently found the AOC 27” cheap screens to be just as good.

      • ackerman_r

        Hey u, hi

  • Anonymous

    if you want ips, you can’t go wrong with the dell U2412m’s. The only reason you wouldn’t go for these is if you wanted 120hz or bigger screens.

    • Ghoults

      I think for pure racing rigs 1080p and/or a 120Hz tn monitor is the best choise. Dell 2412 has better pic quality and bigger vertical resolution but overall has also little less performance (screen size and ultimate speed) per buck than some of the bigger screens.

      Also for racing rigs the difference in vertical resolution is meaningless. U2412M for example has 1200 pixels vertically but in pure racing rig use that added vertical space is unnecessary and it could be said that it would even slow down your system as there are more pixels to be rendered on a 1920×1200 monitor than there are on a 1920×1080 monitor.

      If you want monitor that can do well in desktop use then the u2412m is clearly much better choise than any of the 1080p 120Hz monitors. But for pure racing rig use I’d go get bigger 1080p tn monitor with hopefully 120hz.